A good way to choose a heat shrink packaging machine

- Nov 23, 2018-

The choice of heat shrink packaging machine is very troublesome. How to properly recommend a suitable shrinking machine to customers, it is especially important to choose a good shrink packaging machine. The following Meg Xiaobian will introduce you.

Nowadays, we are paying more and more attention to the problem of packaging, because the neat and beautiful appearance can often attract our attention, which can increase the added value of the product and increase the competitiveness of the product, so as to obtain greater benefits. More and more companies are choosing to shrink packaging machinery to beautify packaging. When choosing shrink packaging machinery, the choice is correct, it can produce better benefits, but if the choice is not so correct, it is likely to bring It is important to choose the shrink film packaging machine.

: We need to understand the shrink-wrapped film. After the product is shrink-wrapped, how to transport it. If you want to pack it again, the shrink-wrapped product can be selected from the film of the book. If it is shipped directly after shrinking, consider it. Select a relatively thick shrink film;

Second: We need to understand the shape of the product that needs to shrink the packaging. If the product is an irregular product, pay more attention to the choice of shrink packaging machine and shrink packaging film, and not consider the model of the general shrink packaging machine.

Third: We need to understand the speed of shrink packaging, that is, the number of products that need to be shrink-wrapped, and the efficiency of shrink packaging every hour;

Fourth: We need to know the size of the product that we need to shrink packaging. The size of the package determines the choice of shrinking machine model.

Fifth: It is very important to choose a good after-sales service. This is very important, it is related to us, future use problems, problem solving problems, parts replacement problems, and so on. The new favorite of the heat shrink packaging machine packaging industry, but China's heat shrinking machine industry is mostly small and medium-sized enterprises, with uneven growth, less than 10 annual output value of more than 100 million yuan, even in comparison with other domestic machinery industry, whether in equipment or technical level There is also a big gap, and there are very few units that have the ability to research and develop high-end products. Therefore, customers must be cautious when choosing equipment.

The above is a good way to choose a heat shrink packaging machine. If you have any questions or ask for relevant information, you can contact us through the contact information on the website.