Adjustment and use of the shrinking machine before use

- Apr 15, 2019-

There are many kinds of shrinking machines. Here I introduce several common materials: PE shrinking machine and POF, PVC shrinking machine. The model is similar, the principle is the same. Manufacturers need to choose the appropriate shrinking machine model according to the customer's packaging requirements and product-related characteristics.

The shrinking machine is divided into three main institutions, a heating mechanism, a blowing mechanism, a conveying mechanism, and these parts have interrelated factors. The following describes the use and adjustment of the three major institutions.

Shrinking machine temperature adjustment:

The power of PE shrinking machine is generally about 20-40KW, and the set temperature is also relatively high, generally around 180°-220°. According to the thickness of the material, the speed of conveying the product, the size of the wind and the temperature, the temperature setting is also different. The product is not resistant to high temperatures and can be used at low temperatures, using a thin shrink film. If the shrink film is thick, the temperature needs to be increased, and the shrinking machine power needs to be selected. When the speed of the conveying product is increased, the temperature is correspondingly increased, and vice versa. If the volume of the conveying wind is increased, the temperature is lowered accordingly, and vice versa. The power of POF and PVC shrinking machine is generally 5-20KW, and the temperature is generally set at 140-°160°. The adjustment is basically the same as that of PE shrinking machine.

The shrinking machine has a very important position in the field of packaging. The shrinking machine is widely used. The shrinking machine is suitable for printing, hardware, household, electronics, food, pharmaceutical and other industries. The shrinking materials used in general shrinking machines are PVC, POF, PE, and the like. At present, the application of POF shrink film is extensive, and it is recognized and used by many manufacturers because of its good transparency, strong shrinkage, high arbitrariness and especially environmental protection. It can also be called an environmentally shrinkable film. So the shrinking machine is used in many fields. The chemical name of PVC shrink film is: Polyethylene is a toxic material that is not environmentally friendly, has low self-willedness and is gradually replaced by POF. Generally applicable to chemical non-environmental industries. PE shrink film is generally widely used in the beverage industry. Shrinking machine characteristics: poor transparency, good arbitrariness, and strong tensile force are suitable for heavy shrink film packaging. The shrinking machine is suitable for large-volume automatic shrink packaging of cans, glass bottles, beer, mineral water and the like.