After purchasing the shrinking machine

- Nov 23, 2018-

When buying a shrinking machine, you need to know the comprehensive purchase of the heat shrink packaging machine. After the purchase, can the heat shrink packaging machine equipment be used directly? In fact, this is not the case. Before using the shrinking machine, there are many problems to be aware of. What are the main problems? The following Meg Xiaobian will explain it for you.

1. Read the instructions: Each shrinking machine is shipped from the factory, and the manufacturer will come with a manual. The operator should read the instructions carefully before use to prevent improper or illegal operation.

2. When the specified voltage of the heat shrink packaging machine is a three-phase 380V power supply, the zero line must be input at the same time, that is, the standard three-phase four-wire other packaging equipment is also like a vacuum packaging machine. Otherwise the machine will not work properly and it will easily burn internal electrical components.

3. When the heat shrink packaging machine is used continuously for more than three months, the temperature resistant wire of the shrinkage chamber should be inspected and replaced according to the degree of aging.

4. Power-on: The shrinking machine for industrial use is generally three-phase 380V voltage, especially for large-scale wooden door shrinking machine. For the stability of the equipment, the voltage of three-phase 380V is indispensable. The step before the shrinking machine is used is to first receive electricity.
5. Start-up test: Before the official production, the heating switch can be turned on. When the temperature rises to the set value, the conveyor switch and the fan switch are packed. Not only can it save energy and reduce consumption, but it can also increase the speed of temperature rise.
6. Each shrinking machine is shipped with a cable connected to the power supply. The end lead part has the identification symbol of the power supply and must be connected correctly. Violation may result in electric shock.

7. The heat shrink packaging machine must be installed horizontally, otherwise the service life of the electric heating tube will be shortened. For machines with web belt transport, tilting the installation will cause the conveyor belt to be off center.

8. When the heat shrink packaging machine is working, the operator's palm and other parts are not allowed to come into contact with the running part of the machine. In particular, the temperature inside the shrinking chamber is high and it is easy to burn.

9. The heat shrink packaging machine has the same power consumption, so the power of the input power supply must be greater than the nominal power on the nameplate of the shrinking machine, otherwise it is easy to burn the line or electrical components.

10. After the packaging work is finished, the heating switch should be turned off first, so that the conveying motor and the fan motor continue to run for about 10 minutes, and then the entire power supply is cut off.

The above ten points are the problems that need to be paid attention to before using the heat shrink packaging machine, or the related preparations. Qingdao Meg is a manufacturer of shrinking machines. The benefits of using heat shrink packaging machines are many, if you feel about our products. Interest, you can contact us