Automatic packaging machine maintenance and safety regulations

- Dec 14, 2018-

Maintenance and safety procedures
Mechanical maintenance
a. Although the new machine has been tested and run in the factory, after the user is activated, it should be used at high speed after a period of running at medium speed.
b. The machine should be strictly in accordance with the equipment maintenance and repair procedures. "One guarantee" is carried out by the operator: Regularly lubricate the moving parts, check whether the fastening parts are loose; often clean the machine gears, chains, sprockets, screw rods, and clean the outer surface of the machine , cover, workbench and interior corners.

c. After the new machine is running for three months, the drive chain and the drive belt should be tightened.
d. Tooth chain tension adjustment of the toothed chain gearbox and its use method, refer to the instruction manual of the toothed chain gearbox.
2. Electrical maintenance
a. Electrical wiring should always check the wire ends of the joints for looseness.
b. When the probe of the photodetector is dusty, it may cause errors in its detection function, so it should be checked and cleaned frequently.
c. The gears matched with the proximity switches should be cleaned regularly, and the putty and metal scraps between the teeth and the teeth should be wiped off to ensure the normal operation of the proximity switch.
d. Horizontally seal the power supply slip ring, cut off the power supply regularly, clean the surface carbon powder with soft gauze and alcohol, and check the pressure of the compression spring frequently.
e. Non-professional management personnel of electrical parts shall not open the play to avoid damage or accident.
f. If the machine is in operation, if it is found to be abnormal, stop using it immediately and check it with a professional technician before continuing to use it.
g. After the device is used, the power must be turned off.
h. The technical parameters and procedures of the inverter and other control components have been set. Do not attempt to change it yourself, otherwise it will cause the machine to malfunction or crash.
3. Safety procedures
a. The device enclosure must be reliably grounded.
b. Do not reach into the inner probe at the longitudinal seal, cross seal, film drive roller and drive system.
c. Have to work with gloves.
d. Before starting the car, it must be determined that the equipment is unmanned and the danger is close.
e. Do not touch at all power points.
f. Long-haired wearers must wear a helmet and the hair should not be exposed to the work cap to prevent injury from being entangled by the machine.
4. Lubrication
a. Each rolling bearing is periodically filled with calcium-based grease.
b. The oil tank should be changed after one month of initial use, and then changed once every four months (using 30# oil).
c. Gears should be filled with 40# mechanical oil at the right time.
d. The sprocket chain should be filled with mechanical oil with a kinematic viscosity greater than 40#.