Automatic sealing machine daily maintenance

- Jan 27, 2019-

Learning to regularly maintain the sealing machine is the most common way to maintain mechanical life, which indirectly saves costs for the company, avoids unnecessary mechanical failures, and improves the efficiency of the sealing machine.

The first thing to note is that, except for the operation and maintenance personnel, the rest of the personnel are prohibited from performing maintenance operations on the equipment. In addition, the power supply should be turned off first during maintenance to avoid danger.
1. Before working every day, it is recommended to use air pressure blowing machine and conveyor belt to keep it clean.

2. When the shrinkage film residue is found at the edge of the sealing knife, please use a cotton towel to gently remove the surface residue (when the sealing knife has temperature). Do not use metal wiping because metal friction will break the protective film on the knife and reduce the function of the sealing knife.

3. Residual material recovery axle maintenance:

(1) Maintenance once a month.

(2) Remove the first round fixing nut and take out the spring and the collecting wheel.

(3) Apply butter to the contact surface of the shaft and the recovery wheel to keep the collecting wheel running smoothly.

(4) Replace the collecting wheel and spring and fix the nut.

4, chain and sprocket maintenance: about every three months of maintenance, first remove the protective cover, use the butter to smear the chain and sprocket contact gap, after maintenance, replace the protective cover.

5, bearing housing maintenance: about every three months of maintenance, the machine is equipped with bearings and housing parts, hydraulic oil should be used in the contact gap between the bearing and the mandrel to maintain lubrication.

6. Check if the cutter fixing screw is tight. If it is loose, lock it tightly (once a month).

7. The belt will relax after a period of operation. If the belt cannot be driven tightly, the belt tension should be adjusted.

8. If the iron fluoride on the slitting knife falls off, the film is easy to be attached to the cutter, and the cutter should be re-extracted with Teflon or replaced with a new sealing knife.

9. Check if the Teflon tape on the sealed silicone strip is damaged. If it is damaged, it needs to be replaced.

Maintenance summary of automatic sealing machine: [啰嗦下下]

(1) The automatic sealing machine should be placed in a ventilated and dry place, and the room temperature should be maintained at around 25 °C.

(2) Dust should be removed regularly. When not in use, please unplug the power supply, cover it and keep the machine clean.

(3) If the working time is too long, the cooling switch should be turned on before shutting down.

(4) The high temperature belt should be regularly decontaminated and replaced in an emergency. To ensure the quality of the seal.

(5) Serious wear parts should be replaced in time to extend the life of the machine.

Warm reminder: Through this article, I believe that everyone has more understanding of the maintenance and maintenance of automatic sealing machine, understand the above common problems, I believe you can also become a versatile amateur sealing machine maintenance expert.