Can the L-type heat shrinking machine directly shrink the bag?

- Oct 15, 2018-

The L-type heat shrinking machine we are talking about consists of two parts, one part is the L-type sealing and cutting machine and the other part is the heat shrinking machine. This is the case with the L-type heat shrinking machine. When using a single machine, it does not show any efficiency. After using it alone, it will find a great breakthrough in both packaging effect and production efficiency. Many customers have doubts about seeing that the L-type heat shrink machine requires the use of a folding film, and how to seal the remaining three sides.

First of all, the sealing and cutting machine is designed to be sealed and the hollow is used to put materials. The brackets on the left and right sides are arm-to-machine links with the machine body to swing the arms up and down. The first step is to make the bag. We first adjust the position of the film with reference to the size of the product, and then remove the cut waste film without cutting the product. At this time, look at the left side of the film that is glued. We put the product in the bag and then cut it again according to the size. Note that this time the two sides of the L-shape are cut at the same time and the edges left by the first sealing are closed to form a complete sealed bag.

It should be noted that the bag is not too big. First, it will cause waste of raw materials on the film. Second, if the bag is too large, the wrinkles will affect the packaging effect.