Careful purchase of heat shrink packaging machine

- Apr 23, 2019-

When purchasing a heat shrink packaging machine, be careful to avoid unexpected troubles in the future. What are the angles that customers need to consider when purchasing, below, according to our introduction, you will know where to start.
 1. The customer needs to determine the packaging film that will be used in the future. There are three types of heat shrinkable packaging film commonly used, pof, pe, pvc. Generally, PE films are thick and are generally used in beverages. Pof and pvc are generally used for cosmetics, gift boxes and the like. PE film is relatively expensive, others are cheaper. The shrinking machine with PE film can shrink other films, but the reverse is not ideal, because PE film can lower the temperature and speed when shrinking other films, but Conversely, not only does it affect speed, but the effect is not ideal.
 2. You need to determine the form of the package you need. In general, the shrink wrap machine is packaged in two forms, one is fully enclosed and the other is cuff. Enclosed is all wrapped, such as plated milk or cosmetic boxes, cuffs are a small mouth on both sides, generally used for beverages, mineral water, beer and so on. These two shrinking machines are different, so be sure to determine the packaging of your own items.
 3. Determine the size of your packaged items. The size of the shrink packaging machine is different, and the size of the shrinking furnace is also different, so you can choose your own one to determine your own size.
 4. Consider the load-bearing capacity of the shrink film packaging machine. For shrinking items, the weight of the shrinking machine is different. Some are limited to 20KG, and some are 50KG. Therefore, you must pay attention to the problem of bearing when purchasing. If the load is too light, the service life of the machine will be greatly shortened, or even If used, if it is too heavy, the cost will increase.
 5. Need semi-automatic equipment or fully automatic equipment. Semi-automatic shrinking machine is generally only one shrinking machine. If there is a full-automatic shrinking machine, there is a film sealing and cutting machine in front. The main function is the film. Generally, if the output is large or the item is large, you can use semi-automatic. Anyway, Generally, a fully automatic machine is selected.
 6. Consider the heating method that the product will use. The heating method of the shrinking machine is different. Some are heated by quartz tubes, some are heated by steel tubes. The former is cheaper, the latter is more expensive, but the quartz tube is a wearing part in the shrinking machine, which is relatively easy to damage, but the steel pipe is not easy. damage.
 7. Determine the shrinkage effect that needs to be achieved. If you can, you can bring your own items to the seller to test and see if the effect is satisfactory.
 8. Determine the price of the shrinking machine. Whether the market's shrinking machine is low or high, it will not break through a "degree". Try not to choose cheap, especially the price is unbelievable, because such machinery is likely to be problematic. If you don't pay special attention to the brand, you can choose an intermediate price. The price of the general brand shrinking machine is higher. .