Common faults and troubleshooting of automatic shrink packaging machine

- Oct 15, 2018-

1. There is no heating in the shrinkage chamber:

1 The heating switch is in poor contact and the switch is switched;

2 indoor electric wire aging short circuit, exchange of wires;

3 The electric heating line head is not connected or the electric heating tube is damaged;

4 The temperature control panel is damaged and replaced;

5 The potentiometer is broken and replaced.

2. The conveyor network does not turn:

1 The conveyor switch is out of order and exchanged;

2 The speed control board is broken and exchanged;

3 The potentiometer is bad and exchanged;

4 The conveying motor is damaged and exchanged;

5 The transport mechanism is stuck, and the fault is eliminated after inspection.

3. The hot air motor does not turn;

1 The hot air switch is damaged and exchanged;

2 The motor is damaged and replaced. Large heat shrink packaging machine.