Commonly used structure of several bag making machines

- May 18, 2019-

U-forming device: The principle is the same as the triangular-shaped S-shaped device. It consists of a triangular plate and a U-shaped guide groove and a side guide plate which are smoothly connected with it. It is a variant of the triangular shaper. The single-membrane force is suitable for the bag shape specification, and Applications range from H-angle formers.
 Elephant trunk shaper: It has the working principle of lapel and triangle plasticizer. It is an improved type of U-former. It is used for flat sheeting, butt joints, three-side sealing, flat bag, indium, small movement, short filling distance. It has strong adaptability to materials, and is easy to design and manufacture. However, it can not adapt to the change of bag shape. The structure size of the same bag shape is larger than that of the lapel former, and it is mostly used for vertical packaging machines.
 V-shaped former: It is one of the forms of flat-sheet single-film synthetic boring machine, which consists of a V-shaped notch guide, a guide roller and a double-channel longitudinal sealing roller. Suitable for four-side sealed flat bag. It has strong adaptability to materials and bag specifications, and has low motion resistance. It is commonly used in vertical packaging machines or small packages.
Intercepting the former: usually consists of a bottom sealer, a cutting device, a traction guide roller (simplified) and other components. There are a variety of structural combinations (configuration). It is used for simple single-film horizontal sealing two-side sealing flat bag into SL For the linkage of the bag-fill-seal machine.