Definition, classification and principle of external vacuum packaging machine

- Jan 23, 2019-

The following Fumao Machinery introduces the definition, classification and principle of the external vacuum packaging machine. I hope everyone can understand the external vacuum machine in more detail.

First, the definition of external vacuum packaging machine:

People often put the packaged goods on the outside of the vacuum chamber to complete the vacuum packaging equipment called the external vacuum packaging machine. This type of vacuum equipment is primarily designed for vacuum packaging of larger packages.

Second, the principle of the external vacuum packaging machine:

Different from the structure of the internal vacuum packaging machine, the external vacuum packaging machine is placed in the packaging bag of the package through the air suction nozzle, evacuates the air, exits the air suction nozzle, and then completes the sealing. External vacuum packaging machines generally have 1 to 4 suction nozzles. The power source of the sealing line is generally a cylinder or a motor.

Third, the classification of external vacuum packaging machine:

The external vacuum packaging machine is divided into a horizontal external vacuum packaging machine and a vertical external vacuum packaging machine according to different placement positions of the packaging materials. The packaged contents of the horizontal outer vacuum packaging machine are horizontally placed; the packaged contents of the vertical outer vacuum packaging machine are placed vertically. Horizontal vacuum packaging machines are more common on the market.

Fourth, the main role of the external vacuum packaging machine is:

1) Deoxidize to protect the product from moisture and oxidation. The spoilage of products is mainly caused by the activity of microorganisms in the air, and the survival of most microorganisms requires oxygen. Vacuum packaging uses this principle to remove the oxygen in the inside of the package and the built-in product, so that the microorganisms are lost. "The environment for survival." The experiment proves that when the oxygen concentration in the package is 1%, the growth and reproduction speed of microorganisms will drop sharply. When the oxygen concentration is ≤0.5%, most microorganisms will be inhibited and stop breeding.

2) anaerobic, prevent oxidation of products, high-precision hardware, electronic products due to high cleanliness requirements, due to air pollution during transportation, the surface of the product is damp, oxidized, and even affected by oxygen molecules Unstable in component performance. Therefore, oxygen scavenging can effectively prevent product deterioration.

3) The packaging of modern high-precision electronics, semiconductor, polysilicon, precision hardware devices can not be satisfied in the ordinary production environment, the cleanliness of the products can not be guaranteed, the production assembly in the clean room and even the vacuum packaging become the trend . The external vacuum packaging machine can directly discharge the exhaust gas generated during the operation of the machine. There is no secondary pollution to the clean room environment cleanliness, which meets the requirements of the clean room packaging environment.