Failure Analysis of Shrinking Machine Control Panel and Magnetic Switch

- Dec 01, 2018-

The shrinking machine equipment has been established in the popularization with the changes of the society. Its application range is also in the promotion of the establishment. Its sales volume has also increased significantly. Now many enterprise products have started to use the powerful shrinking machine. Packaging machinery and equipment, but there are many people who know very little about common failures and maintenance knowledge of shrinking machines. Although we also wrote an article long ago: "Daily use and maintenance of shrinking machines", but it is not perfect. Today, McGonagall introduces the failure of the shrinking machine control panel and magnetic switch:

A control panel failure:

The problem of control panel failures for common problems may be due to the fact that the shrink packaging machine currently on the market uses brLC to control the machine, although this is an easy-to-understand control but not very flexible. Sometimes the output of the brLC starts the machine, but we may fail to turn off the machine when it is turned off, unless it is disconnected from the power supply. At this time, we think that it may be caused by a solenoid valve. Usually, the fault is manifested by the solenoid coil being continuously energized and the cylinder of the shrinking machine not being automatically reset. You can judge whether it is the cause of the fault by clicking the connection of the output point.
Two magnetic switch failure:

Magnetic switches are the main components used to inspect and control the operation of their cylinders. We all know that the shrinking machine needs the corresponding cylinder to push the push bag, press bag and other actions. We often find that the cylinder does not react in daily use, it may be because the running speed of the cylinder is too fast, the switch of the solenoid valve does not detect the signal. Caused. Factor analysis If the cylinder speed of the push pack is too fast, the cylinders of the press pack and the melter will stop running. It can be adjusted by adjusting the cylinder and the throttle valve of the solenoid valve to reduce the air flow and reduce the running speed of the cylinder until the solenoid valve can just detect the signal.

In fact, the factors affecting the shrinkage effect of the shrinking machine are also related to these two aspects.