Heat shrink packaging machine features

- Dec 26, 2018-

The heat shrink packaging machine is also called a heat shrinking machine. The PE film is wrapped and processed by heating to fully display the appearance of the article, improve the product's marketing performance, and increase the appearance and value. It can also guarantee that the products will not be damaged during transportation or during the sales process, so that the products can be sold faster and better. Automatic shrink packaging machine is widely used, such as fruits, hardware, cosmetics, packaging and products, beverages, pharmaceuticals, etc., especially for the safety of food, food requires high quality packaging equipment, heat shrinkage The packaging machine has a good effect on sealing the product, which can effectively prevent the product from being interfered by external factors and create a better living environment for the product.

The principle of heat shrink packaging machine: The principle is that the hot air generated by the electric heating tube is rotated at high speed by two large impellers inside, so that the hot air becomes very uniform, and then the hot gas rotating at high speed is ejected from each hole of the machine liner, A full range of rapid shrinkage through the contents of the hearth.

Heat Shrink Packaging Machine Features:
1. Applicable to the packaging of regular or irregular items, the power consumption is small, the average power consumption per hour is only 2.5kw, and the working efficiency is 0-25 packs/minute. It can be operated for a long time without causing the surrounding environment to be too hot. The area is only 1 square, and only one person can complete the whole shrink packaging with stainless steel conveyor net. The height can be adjusted at will, and the product can be automatically output. The time is shortened and the production volume is doubled for PVC, PP, POF and other shrink films. Designed for automatic packaging production lines for beverages such as beer, beverages, purified water, juices, and dairy products.
2. It has full automation function of conveying feed, bottle handling, film wrapping, sealing and cutting, shrinking, cooling and setting.
3. The heat shrinking machine adopts the world's advanced film constant temperature heat sealing technology, and the sealing is clear and firm.
4, sealing rapid cooling structure to ensure higher sealing strength under high-speed production conditions.
5, using PLC program automatic cycle control, stable and reliable performance.
6, the original imported guide rod cylinder, to ensure accurate movement, durable.
7. The induction switch controls the film feeding system to reliably control the film feeding length and reduce the loss.
8. All the transmissions are frequency conversion speed regulation, and the transportation is smooth and smooth.
9, unique heat shrinkage channel, two sets of centrifugal hot air circulation system, uniform heat balance, shrinkage and fastening, beautiful.
10, three-layer insulation treatment, good insulation performance, fast heating, energy saving.
11. Reinforced cooling and shaping channel, but the packaging film quickly becomes a high-strength state, which is convenient for storage and transportation.
12. It is convenient to adjust when the packaging combination and bottle type are changed, and it can realize the function of multi-purpose of one machine.
13, the use of high-power wind motor, to ensure that the wind is strong enough to make the package to achieve the perfect packaging effect.