Heat shrink packaging machine with different specifications of packaging function

- Apr 17, 2019-

The current packaging situation is diverse, but for products that have a certain shelf life and are more conducive to transportation and handling, such as beer, beverages, cans, etc., the heat shrinking machines that are popular, advanced and efficient in the market are used. machining. It is a kind of fine workmanship that uses the heating principle to shrink the outer packaging film of the article and wrap the product. The seamless high-tech packaging technology, the curved and 360-degree visual structure shrinking machine package fully displays the items. The products of the shrink-wrapped packaging are not only beautiful in appearance, but also cost-effective and easy to pack and load.

PE shrink film packaging machine small body brings great use, packaging shrinking machine can be suitable for packaging of different specifications, especially small-sized product bundle packaging. Small-sized cluster beer beverage mineral water packaging has better flexibility and is more portable, and is favored by consumers in this era of self-help and fast consumption. As the market demand for small-sized bundle beer packaging increases, glass bottles and plastic bottle neck shrinking machines will have more room for development. From the point of view of the choice of suitable packaging methods for accurate product market positioning and sales forecast period, some high-end products may use carton as outer packaging, but some middle and low-end products will generally use shrinking machine processing. Tight pack. Heat shrinkable machined packaging in the medical and cosmetic industry can reduce costs by 30% compared to carton packaging. Therefore, companies using heat shrink packaging are more likely to reduce the total cost by reducing the cost of packaging materials. The heat shrinking machine can also achieve the high speed level of 50/min in order to achieve the ideal production conditions of true high efficiency and low cost. The shrinking machine is a very promising packaging machine that deserves our strong support.