Heat shrink packaging machine workflow

- Nov 23, 2018-

How much does the shrinking machine use common sense customers to know? Do not care if the workflow of the heat shrink packaging machine is clear, and this has a lot to do with the stable use of the shrinking machine in the future. Now Xiaobian will tell you about it.

The main components of the heat shrink packaging machine:

A film-wrapped portion: The function of the film-wrapping portion is to press one end of the film under the product while the separated product is running forward, and the other end is wrapped around the product one week and then returned to the underside of the product to form a wrap for the product. The film portion is typically accomplished by a servo motor drive chain that drives a number of wrap rods. The height of the wrap rod can be adjusted by the mechanical part. The speed and phase are controlled by the movement of the servo motor. This part of the adjustment is very important, that is, to ensure that the wrap rod is located behind the product when the product enters, and the product leaves when it leaves. The front of the product does not interfere with the product; at the same time, it must ensure the tightness and phase of the film wrapped on the product. The quality of the work in this link directly affects the packaging effect of the finished product. In order to ensure the integrity of the product packaging and film, the photoelectric switch is installed at the entrance of the product, the top of the package and the part leaving the product to check whether the incoming product is complete, whether the film is wrapped in the product and whether the shape of the product entering the next process meets the requirements. If the working parameters are not adjusted properly at this stage, the equipment will be shut down.

The main transmission part: the main transmission part is located in the middle of the heat shrink packaging equipment, which is the benchmark for all the movements of the machine. It is mainly completed by a set of push rods driven by a frequency converter, and its function is the packaging form completed by the previous process. Send to the film area. An encoder is installed at the end of the main motor to control all pulses of the machine. A clutch or proximity switch is mounted on one of the shafts of the push rod, and when the main push rod is overloaded, the clutch is disengaged and the machine is stopped. The requirements in this section are smooth, and this performance is more important for high-speed machines.

The upper film portion: the upper film portion, as the name suggests, is the portion of the film that is unwound from the film roll and sent to the film area. Nowadays, the general heat shrink packaging machine is provided with two film rolls, one of which is used as a spare. A brake device is mounted on the film roll to ensure the film is fed and tensioned. If the film is not well tensioned, it will affect the cutting of the next process. Therefore, it is very important to choose a good brake device. During the transport of the membrane, the following devices are also provided: a set of rollers for changing the conveying direction of the membrane and assisting in tensioning; a set of static elimination devices, because the static elimination of the domestic membrane is not stable, if not In addition to the electrostatic device, it will affect the packaging effect; if a color film is used, it is necessary to install a color recognition device to identify the position of the color film, and the function can be turned off by using a transparent film.

Four-in-bottle and split-bottle: The main function of this part is to transport the product inside the machine. Products entering the heat shrink packaging machine come in two forms, a dispersed product and a product that has been packaged into a small package. Dispersed products refer to products that have not been subjected to any secondary packaging; the latter are small packages that have been packaged once by the pre-packaging machine, which will be re-packaged by the heat shrink packaging machine.

Five heat shrink furnace parts: This part is a key part of heat shrink packaging equipment. Here, the plastic film wrapped around the wrap area onto the package is electrically heated, and the shrink film of the film is used to tighten the plastic film onto the package. This part mainly consists of heating furnace wire and air circulation system. The heating furnace wire raises the temperature of the air to the shrinkage temperature of the membrane. The circulation system blows the air heated by the fan onto the package and returns to the furnace part for the next heating. . A good heat shrinking furnace can achieve an aesthetically pleasing packaging effect, making your product in a favorable position in the market competition. The wind and wind direction of the early heat shrinking furnace are not adjustable. Later, the heat shrinking furnace is equipped with a damper for adjusting the wind direction and the wind in the circulation system. Now the more advanced heat shrinking furnace can blow the hot air directly to the contraction part, so that Get a good shrinkage effect.
The inlet and outlet of the heat-shrinking furnace are also equipped with a transition belt to match the speed of the transition packaging machine with the heat-shrinking furnace and the packaging machine and the outlet conveyor line, thus avoiding the package being pulled out due to excessive speed difference.

The above is a brief introduction to the heat shrink packaging machine. For this kind of machine, it is a relatively large mechanical equipment. Therefore, we must pay attention to the selection and be cautious.