Heat shrinkable film machine usually good maintenance work

- May 30, 2019-

We all know that the shrinking machine is a relatively large packaging machine. Now many industries are using this kind of packaging equipment. Do you understand the use of shrinking machine? Today, Fumao Xiaobian mainly introduces you how to maintain the shrinking machine:
The packaging equipment mainly adopts the characteristics of shrink film, and the surface of the wrapped product or the package is heated to make the film tightly wrapped to fully display the appearance of the product and improve its marketing performance. Increase the aesthetics of the product and increase the value of the product. The heat-shrinkable articles can be sealed to achieve the purpose of moisture and pollution prevention, and have a certain cushioning effect on the impact of the external environment, and can also reduce the occurrence of the product being dismantled and stolen.
1. Maintenance personnel need to clean the equipment frequently, and ensure that it is cleaned once a week.

2. The operator should keep it at all times, the sanitation of the shrink film machine and the cleaning of the surrounding environment. It is necessary to clean the floor and the garbage on the machine in time. The film, carton and other debris should not be placed around the machine at random. Plastic baskets for debris, keeping the site clean and tidy.
3. The bottom of the machine should be well ventilated and heat-dissipated to prevent overheating of electrical components.
4. When the package passes through the studio, try to put it in the middle to avoid damaging the quartz tube.
5. The shrinkage chamber temperature of the packaging machine should be controlled below 230 °C, and the conveying speed should be controlled below 6-7. If it is over-temperature and over-speed, it will lead to premature aging of the circuit, the life of electrical components and the service life of the machine will be reduced.