Heat shrinkable film packaging machine tips

- Dec 21, 2018-

The use and adjustment of the three major contracting machines:

(A), the adjustment of the shrinking machine temperature:

The power of PE shrinking machine is generally about 20-40KW, and the set temperature is relatively high, generally around 180°-220°. According to the thickness of the material, the speed of conveying the product, the size of the wind and the temperature, the temperature setting is also different. The product is not resistant to high temperatures and can be used at low temperatures, using a thin shrink film. If the shrink film is thick, the temperature needs to be increased, and the shrinking machine power needs to be selected. The speed of the conveying product is increased, and the temperature is correspondingly increased. On the contrary, the temperature of the conveying wind is increased, and the temperature is decreased accordingly, and vice versa. The power of POF and PVC shrinking machine is generally 5-20KW, and the temperature is generally set at 140-°160°. The adjustment is basically the same as that of PE shrinking machine.

(2) Conveyor belt speed adjustment:

Most manufacturers will use inverters and electronic governors to control speed. If the product is long, the speed must be slow, and the shrinking machine should be long. Generally, it should be adjusted to 20m/min-60m/min. If the product requires very high shrinkage effect, it is recommended to use a long shrinking machine to achieve low shrinkage. effect. Choose a model with a relatively large power. Temperature setting High conveying speed needs to be accelerated, and vice versa. The conveying speed of the wind is small, and the conveying speed is slowed down, and vice versa.

(3) Adjustment of wind flow:

The air volume is generally controlled by frequency conversion to control the speed of the motor. However, many shrinking machines do not have such a function. The function is also strong, and the wind direction is adjusted. The hot air is blown to the position where the product needs to be contracted. The air volume also has a great influence on the shrinking effect. The air volume is too large. The shrink film is heated instantaneously and the expansion is very high. It is easy to cause the blasting after shrinkage to affect the shrinking effect. The air volume is too small, the film does not shrink in a short time, and the fish scales appear on the surface. The size of the air volume is also related to the size and angle of the wind wheel. The higher the temperature, the smaller the air volume is. On the contrary, the larger the speed, the faster the air volume is increased, and vice versa.

Therefore, the shrinking machine heating mechanism, the blowing mechanism, and the conveying mechanism are all mutually adjusted. Changing one parameter will affect other parameter settings. The specific details are also based on product characteristics, shrinking material type and thickness, and capacity requirements. Finely adjust the parameters to achieve a smooth and beautiful shrinkage surface, no blast, wrinkles, etc. after shrinkage.