How to deal with deformation after shrinking the carton

- Apr 25, 2019-

The shrinking effect is beautiful, and the value of the product is greatly improved. However, if the carton shrinks and deforms after the heat shrink packaging machine, the effect will be greatly reduced. How should we deal with this situation? What are the reasons for this?
Consider the carton material first: if the carton is too soft, the carton will be deformed.
If there is a problem with the material of the carton, it will be deformed by the heat shrink packaging machine without too high temperature.

Solution: If the material of the carton is PP material, the material is very soft and the box is very deformed after shrinking. In this case, we recommend that customers choose other carton materials. If not, if you are using a quartz tube heat shrinking machine, we recommend that you use a jet type shrinking machine that uses an internal hot air circulation. The shrinking effect will be better.

Furthermore, the problem of using a heat shrink packaging machine is not appropriate. It may be that the shrink wrap temperature is too high, or the speed at which the conveyor conveys the object is too slow, causing the carton to deform after shrinking.
Solution: This problem is relatively simple to solve. If the temperature is too high, the temperature will be lowered appropriately, and the speed of the conveyor belt will be low. Why is it appropriate? Because the temperature is too low or too fast, the shrinkage effect will also have an effect.
When the shrinking machine used is not suitable for the products we package, it is very easy to cause the deformation of the package. At this time, it is very important to choose a suitable shrink film packaging machine.
1. According to the production demand of the enterprise, choose the heat shrink packaging machine suitable for its own production. For example, the beer enterprise has higher flexibility for the heat shrink packaging machine, so you can choose the small size bundle beer package with flexibility. The products are easy to carry, and some food industry require diversification of heat shrink packaging, which is conducive to the promotion of the flow of the promotion, of course, there are other types of demand, the production company should determine the thermal contraction of which function to choose according to the needs. Film packaging machine.
2, the quality of the heat shrink packaging machine can not be ignored, the quality determines the smooth progress of the future production. The heat shrinkable film packaging machine is a kind of mechanical product, and the demand for quality is more strict, so it is necessary to examine the quality of the equipment from all aspects of the manufacturer.
If you have any questions, or would like to know, which products are good for the heat shrink packaging machine, you can check other information!