How to shrink the heat shrinkable film

- Dec 24, 2018-

The heat shrinkable film is generally tubular, and the thing is placed in the head and tail to leave a little bit. It can be contracted by hot air blowing. The factory generally uses special shrinking equipment, and the principle is a high temperature space. There is a conveyor belt passing through the middle. Put things in and put them in. One in and one out. Both temperature and machine speed are adjustable.

Knowing friends know that there are many specifications for the heat shrinkable film. It is good to choose the right size. A small amount of household hair dryer can be used. In addition to the hair dryer, hot water, or a hot water bottle with a blooming water or a hot mist from the mouth of the pot is also a feasible method. Looking at this article, do you feel how to seal the heat shrinkable film is so simple?