Introduction of automatic sealing and shrinking machine

- Oct 15, 2018-

The automatic sealing and shrinking machine is a new type of fully automatic unmanned operation. It only needs to put the product on the feeding conveyor belt, and through the photoelectric induction, the whole process of conveying-sealing-conveying is completed automatically. The shrinking furnace is made of stainless steel heater. , high-power motor transport wind. The shrinking machine can also be connected to the factory production line. It realizes unmanned production and is suitable for sealing, cutting and shrinking packaging of PVC, POF, PP and PE films in software, biscuits, printing, pharmaceutical and flooring, ceramics, beverages and other industries.

The equipment adopts large-screen touch screen man-machine interface, Schneider PLC program controller, Yadeke cylinder, stable operation and reliable performance; automatic sealing and shrinking machine characteristics, PP/OPP/POF soft non-toxic heat shrinkable film Can be used, can set the temperature, automatically control the temperature inside the furnace to achieve power saving effect, the conveyor belt can be customized according to the nature of the product, roller or mesh type, generally large shrinkage, can also pass the shrinking furnace in the shortest time Completely contracted. Applicable scope This machine is suitable for the bottomless tray (or bottomed) heat shrinkable packaging of software, biscuit, printing, pharmaceutical and flooring, ceramics, cans, mineral water, beer, glass bottles, beverages and other bottled products; Used in conjunction with a constant temperature PE shrinking furnace to achieve the perfect packaging effect.

The advantages of the sealing and cutting part are as follows: the anti-stick high temperature constant temperature aluminum alloy sealing knife is adopted, and the wire is not broken, ensuring no coking, no smoke, zero pollution. The packaged finished conveyor belt is automatically output and the conveying time is adjustable. The entire set of actions is automatically completed by the cylinder, which greatly reduces the work intensity and continuously increases the efficiency of production. The cutter is automatically protected to prevent mis-cutting of the package and to ensure operator safety. The automatic sealing and shrinking machine can be used for unmanned operation, and can be directly connected with the production line, and the packaging is more automated.

What are the advantages of the shrinkage part: the advanced internal circulation system design, high shrinkage effect and low energy consumption. Stainless steel heating tube for a long time. Movable roller transfer (can be changed to mesh) with adjustable speed. Suitable for heat shrinkage of films such as PVC/PP/POF.