Introduction of the packaging characteristics of the cuff sealing and cutting machine

- Apr 17, 2019-

The cuff-type sealing and cutting machine is a relatively common equipment in the shrinking machine, and it is also one of the more popular equipments for customers. This is naturally inseparable from its potential characteristics. The following small series introduces you to the characteristics of the shrinking machine:

1. It adopts quartz far red tube heating mode, which can continuously produce far red heat radiation during operation, and with strong wind circulation, the temperature of the heating chamber becomes more uniform and energy is saved.

2. The transmission part adopts high-power DC motor, which is characterized by stepless speed regulation, high load at the same time, continuous operation for a long time, and stable and reliable operation.

3. The transmission part of the medium and large-sized machine adopts the drum rotation mode to work, so that the bottom contraction effect of the package is more reasonable.

4, using a special mechanical structure design, the shape is more beautiful, luxurious, and make maintenance easier and convenient.

5. The temperature control is combined with the temperature control table and the solid state voltage regulator, and the temperature error is reduced to low.

6, all electrical components use quality brand, so that the quality of the whole machine has been effectively guaranteed.

7, any type of shrink film, can be shrink packaging.