Method for improving shrinkage of heat shrink packaging machine

- Apr 25, 2019-

After years of development, the heat shrink packaging machine has a certain share in the market and has become an indispensable packaging equipment in production. However, after some customers have used it for a period of time, the shrinking effect has not been ideal. Now, I will introduce you to the method of increasing the shrinkage of the heat shrink packaging machine.
First, the customer needs to check the quality of the shrink film used to see if it meets the requirements and whether the width of the film is ideal. The heat shrink film we choose must meet our requirements. If we are only cheap, choose poor quality.
Then the effect of shrinking must be greatly reduced, either with wrinkles or broken.
Second, the shrinking chamber temperature of the shrinking machine should reach the temperature required to shrink the product. The working principle of the shrinking machine is not as complicated as we think. It is relatively simple, that is, the matching of speed and temperature. When the temperature is low, wrinkles are inevitable on the surface of the product. If the temperature is high, the film will be burnt. Generally, a pof film can be used at a temperature of about 130 degrees, and a PE film can generally have a temperature of about 170 degrees.
Third, the transfer speed of the shrinking machine should be matched. The products contracted by the user are different, the length of the furnace is different, the temperature of the furnace is different, and the required conveying speed is different. There is no standard value for reference at this speed, mainly because the customer needs to carry out the test when using it, generally after several tests. Basically, there will be better results. The longer the furnace, the higher the temperature and the faster the speed, which requires the customer to be determined according to their needs.
Fourth, the size of the furnace is appropriate. The size of the furnace is not suitable in two cases. One is that the furnace is too large, and the other is that the furnace is too small. The situation that the furnace is over the assembly is that the temperature received by the product is relatively small, and most of the heat is three, so it is better to increase the heat shrink packaging machine to a very high temperature to shrink. When the furnace is too small, the film will stick to the inner wall of the furnace and be burnt.

Fifth, the shrink film is a good puncture. This situation is mainly for the case of the pof film all-inclusive. When the user's product needs to be fully packaged, the surface of the shrink film must be pierced with small holes, so that the gas inside the film can be emitted through the small hole during the shrinkage, otherwise the gas will be Inside the membrane, the membrane bulges.
Shrinking machine packaging is a very popular packaging method. You can see the shadow of the shrinking machine on the product in supermarkets and daily life, such as disinfecting tableware, beer drinks, cosmetics, honey bottles, red wine, mosquito coils, etc. .