Pay attention to the conveyor when selecting the conveyor belt

- May 09, 2019-

The correct choice of conveyor belt can make the structure compact, long service life and good working effect. When selecting a conveyor belt, consider:

1, can adapt to the performance requirements of the items being transported;
2, has sufficient strength, can fully meet the requirements;
3, with appropriate thickness, is also very reasonable;
 4. The thickness of the surface layer material can be adapted to the mechanical and chemical effects such as impact, anti-wear and anti-corrosion encountered during operation.
 The joints of the belt conveyor belt conveyor belts have lap joints, belt buckle joints and chemical adhesive bonding. Different connection methods have different joint efficiency. The rubber canvas is bonded by quality vulcanization, and then the vulcanized bonding, the belt buckle connection is again, and the lap joint is poor. The joint efficiency is equal to the ratio of the joint failure strength to the limit strength of the conveyor belt.

The selection of the diameter of each roller of the belt conveyor has a direct influence on the service life of the conveyor belt. When the thickness of the conveyor belt is constant, reducing the diameter of the drive roller will increase the bending stress of the conveyor belt as it passes through the roller, thereby seriously shortening the service life of the conveyor belt.
The tensioning device tensioning device gives the conveyor belt a certain initial tension and maintains the belt at a certain degree of tension during operation. The tensioning device has two types: a self-adjusting heavy hammer type and a regularly adjusted twisting type. The heavy hammer type tensioning device has a good effect, and the spiral type is mainly used for a short stroke conveyor.