Reasons for products requiring heat shrink packaging machine packaging

- Dec 03, 2018-

Many product packaging requires a heat shrink packaging machine. Why is it not a shrink machine? Can other packaging equipment be replaced? What are the products that can be packaged by the shrink film packaging machine? Today, McGonagall introduces you to the reasons why the product needs to be packaged in a heat shrinkable packaging machine.

1. Shrink packaging refers to a packaging method in which the product is loaded into a pof shrink film or a bag to be sealed and then put into a heat shrinking machine for automatic coating. The main functions of shrink packaging are as follows:

2, shrink packaging makes the product packaging more bright, more grade. Taking the digital electronics industry to attract everyone's attention is the color box packaging of Apple's mobile phones. Such a high-end fashion mobile phone is shrink-packed by manually loading the mobile phone into a customized pof shrink-up bag.

3, shrink packaging is more conducive to the product in the state of inventory to play a dust-proof role. This is the reason why many companies use heat shrinkable packaging. If the product's appearance or outer casing is not wrapped by a shrink film, the product is likely to accumulate dust in the state of inventory. Shrink-wrapped products are in stock for a long time and do not accumulate dust on the color box or product surface.

4, shrink packaging can also play a role in moisture. This is especially important in the hardware and food industries. If the product is not transported or stored in a shrinking package, it may easily cause the product to become damp or even deteriorate.

Shrink packaging can better protect the product from bumping and rubbing. At present, many heat shrinking machines on the market are quartz tube shrinking machines produced by some small workshops. Such shrinking machines have indeed blinded the purchase of many enterprises in terms of price, and believe that the low-cost purchase of the shrinking machine to the products required by the factory. Packing. As everyone knows, they have been transferred to the trap of these profiteers.