Safety issues during the use of the baler

- Nov 11, 2018-

The baler is one of the mechanical products that gradually replace the manual packaging. It has the advantages of high efficiency and good packaging quality. However, there are some safety precautions in the use of mechanical equipment, which needs to be remembered by the operator to avoid unnecessary damage.
  1. Work barefoot. Some large formal enterprises have strict requirements for the dressing of production personnel. However, when the small-scale production enterprises are not perfect in terms of specifications, the operators are more casually dressed, especially in the hot summer, barefoot work can be seen everywhere, but This is very dangerous, not only because the debris from the packing belt on the ground will stab the foot, but more importantly, if the ground is wet, it is easy to connect.
  2. The wire connector is not fixed. In the production workshop, the equipment is sometimes far away from the power supply, or the original wire is not long enough. At this time, a piece of wire is connected, but the operator directly saves the connected wire to the ground in order to save time, but does not follow the wiring slot. It is very dangerous to go to the wiring.