Shrink packaging machine use and installation precautions

- Jul 29, 2019-


When the shrink wrap machine is used, the products to be shrunk are put together first. When the first pass is closed, the film will fall on the items to be packaged, but at this time, the effect of the package is not so good, and the second pass is waited. After the pass, the effect is very good.

For example, the plastic film packaging outside the food and beer, the appearance of the packaging is very drifting... The heat shrinking machine can also be combined with the disinfection dryer to form a complete set of equipment for the tableware.

Packing method: According to different packaging methods, shrink packaging machines are roughly divided into the following three packaging forms:

Open ended

It uses a tubular film or a flat film to wrap the packaged product in a sleeve and then heat shrinks. After the package is completed, there is a shrinkage port at both ends of the package.

(1) When a tubular film is used, the opening of the film is first opened, and then the product is pushed into the film by means of the chute, and then the film is cut. As shown in Figure 1. This method is more suitable for wrapping cylindrical objects, such as batteries, paper rolls, and cans. The advantage of using the tubular film packaging is that the sealing process of 1-2 channels is reduced, and the appearance is beautiful. The disadvantage is that it cannot meet the diversification requirements of the product, and is only suitable for mass production of a single product.

(2) Wrap the article with a flat film, which can be wrapped in a single flat film and a double flat film wrap. The film should be wider than the article, and the double film should be wrapped with the upper and lower film. When the previous package is sealed, the two films are sealed and the product is machined or hand-made. Pushing the film upright, the sealing mechanism is dropped after the position is closed, and the other side of the product is sealed and cut. After the film wrapped product is heat-shrinked, the two ends of the package are contracted to form an oval opening, and a single flat film is used. When the flat film is unfolded, the wrapped product is fed into the middle of the flat film to form a horseshoe-shaped wrap, and then heat-sealed and lapped.

2. Four-sided sealed

The product is wrapped around a flat film or a tubular film, and the joint is sealed with a lap joint. Used for product packaging that requires sealing.

(1) Use the L-type sealing method for the folding film, fold the film with a roll, pull the film out to a certain length and place it in a horizontal position, and open the open end by mechanical or manual to push the product to the crease.

(2) Pillow bag packaging can be used with a single flat film. In this method, a single flat film is used, and the longitudinal slit is firstly formed into a cylindrical shape, and the product is pushed into the product, and then the horizontal slit is cut into a pillow type package or the both ends are punched and tied into a tubular package.

(3) The double flat film four-side sealed package is similar to the open type at both ends, and only needs to be equipped with a two-side sealing device on the machine.

(4) When wrapped in a tubular film, it is only necessary to perform sealing and puncture while the tubular film is cut, and then heat shrink. There is often a needle at the side of the sealer. When the heat seals, the needle pierces the vent hole on the film, and the hole is often closed by itself after heat shrinkage.

3. One end open

Tray shrink packaging is a typical example. The film is first made into a square bottom bag, and then the big bag is placed on the stacked commodity tray from top to bottom, and then heat-shrinked. Place the tray with the product on the conveyor belt and put on the shrink film bag; the conveyor belt is fed into the heat shrinkable passage, and the shrinkage package is completed after the heat shrinkage passage. Its main feature is that the products can be firmly bundled in a certain number of units, will not be loose during transportation, and can be stacked in the open air.

Operation and attention:

1. Close the left power switch;

2. Close the side thermal switch and adjust the side thermal knob to about 4-5 gears;

3. Combine the upper and lower thermal switches, adjust the lower hot knob to about 4-5 gears;

4. Close the conveyor switch and adjust the conveying knob to about 4-5 gears;

5. Adjust the heating temperature (can be set at about 130 °C first);

6. After the above operation is completed, let the machine run for about 3 minutes and then close the hot air switch (the hot air switch can also be turned off during the actual operation);

7. Put the item with the shrink film installed, then shrink packaging;

8. In actual conditions, if there are too many wrinkles after shrinkage, the conveying speed can be reduced or the heating temperature can be increased. Conversely, if over-shrinkage occurs, the temperature can be lowered;

9. After the packaging is finished, first turn off the three-stage heating switch, but the conveying motor and the hot air motor continue to run for about 10 minutes, and then cut off the entire power supply.

Attention should be paid to the operation of the heat shrink packaging machine:

1. The heat shrink packaging machine is a (220v/380v voltage) single-phase/three-phase four-wire system, in which the neutral wire must be connected to the machine, otherwise the machine cannot operate normally;

2. This machine has stainless steel heating tube, installed on both sides, it is very bright when heated;

3. Note that the temperature of the shrinkage chamber should be controlled below 230 °C (sixth gear). If it is operated at over temperature, it will lead to premature aging of the circuit and the life of electrical components will decrease.

4. When the shrinking machine is used for more than three months, the aging of the wire in the shrinkage room should be checked and replaced as appropriate.

The classification of shrink packaging machines is divided into drying tunnel shrinking machine, oven shrinking machine, frame shrinking machine, gun shrinking machine, heat shrinking machine, bagging packaging machine, shrink packaging machine, film packaging machine, heat according to the type of machine. Shrink packaging machine, heat shrink film packaging machine, automatic heat shrink packaging machine, etc.