Shrinking machine conveying method

- Apr 07, 2019-

What are the conveying methods of the shrinking machine? Many customers are not very familiar with it, so Xiaobian will explain it for everyone.

There are four main types of conveying machines:

1. Net belt transport: Net belt transport is mainly used to transport heavier products. The stainless steel bottom plate is placed under the mesh belt to achieve the load-bearing effect.

2, sprocket transport: This is a common transport method on the market is also a commonly used transport method, it is through the sprocket sleeve high temperature resistant silicone tube, in the process of conveyor belt can also rotate. Conventional products have been delivered in this way.

3, belt transport: This type of transport is a custom-made transport method, mainly used to package larger products, such as sofas, furniture and so on. It should be noted that in selecting the belt, it is necessary to fully consider the performance of the belt.

4. Top chain: The top chain is mainly used for bottle neck shrinking machine. When the product requires stable conveying, the top chain is the first consideration.

The above is a detailed explanation of the conveying method of the shrinking machine. Customers can choose different conveying methods according to different products. I hope this information will help you!

The shrinking machine, also known as the heat shrink packaging machine, is a relatively popular packaging equipment on the market. The working principle of the shrinking machine is that the articles are transported through the conveying line and output after high temperature, thereby achieving the purpose of shrinking the shrink film on the product.