The correct installation of the shrinking machine should follow eight points

- Dec 05, 2018-

Heat shrink packaging machine is widely used in food and beverage, pharmaceutical and daily chemical industries. It is a highly automated equipment that can reduce packaging materials and reduce labor costs. It has important economic significance, and the characteristics of heat shrink packaging machine are also very significant. . Today Qingdao Meg teaches you to install the shrink wrap machine correctly.

First, in order to protect personal safety, the heat shrink packaging machine must be grounded as reliably as a baler.

2. The heat shrink packaging machine needs to be attached with a cable connecting the power supply (the end lead part has the identification symbol of the power supply). The connection must be correct to avoid the risk of electric shock.

3. The input power of the power supply must be greater than the nominal power on the nameplate of the shrinking machine to avoid burning electrical components or wiring.

4. In order to ensure the normal operation of the machine and protect its internal electrical components, when the specified voltage of the machine is a three-phase 380V power supply, the neutral line must be input at the same time (ie, the standard three-phase four-wire system).

5. For machines with mesh belt transmission, if the installation is tilted, the conveyor belt will be off center. So remember to install the machine horizontally, otherwise it will shorten the service life of the electric heating tube.

6. In order to prevent burns, when the heat shrink packaging machine is working, the operator's hand and other parts must not touch the running part of the machine (especially the temperature inside the shrinking chamber).

7. After the packaging work is finished, the heating switch should be turned off first, and the fan motor and the conveying motor should continue to run for about 10 minutes before the whole power supply is cut off.

8. When the heat shrink packaging machine is used continuously for more than three months, it should be checked whether the machine is aging, and it should be replaced as appropriate according to its aging degree.