The difference between automatic and manual sealing machine and its operation method

- Jan 31, 2019-

Manual sealing machine operation method:
1, nailing:
1 pinch the nail holder to fix the shrapnel, pull out the nail pusher
2 Put the nail tip down into the socket
3 Slowly push the nail pusher and snap the fixed elastic piece into the slot of the socket (the direction of the pusher block should be consistent with the nail)
2, clamping tightness adjustment:
1 relax adjustment nut
2 Rotate the adjusting bolt I, the pin is looser in the clockwise direction, and the pin is tight in the counterclockwise direction.
3 Tighten the adjustment nut tightly after tightening.
3. Through-depth adjustment:
Lift the adjusting bolt II and swing it to the left and right. "D" or "deep" indicates the penetration depth; "S" or "shallow" indicates the penetration is shallow, and it needs to be adjusted to the appropriate position according to the depth.
4, sealing operation:
1 Grasp the top of the front of the main body with your left hand, and place the sealing machine on the carton where you need to install the nails (the position where the raised marks on both sides of the base are aligned, ie the position of the seal)
2 Use your right hand to press the handle to the end one time, then release it to reset the handle. Remember that the handle needs to be pressed at one time to push the nail out. Otherwise, the nail will not be hit and the second nail will kill the nail.
3 Check the sealing effect (can be done before sealing, test with thick cardboard), adjust the clamping tightness and penetration depth to achieve satisfactory results
4 Move the sealing machine to the next position that needs to be sealed, repeat the above actions
5 When the work stops, please exit the remaining nails in the sealing machine.
5, note:
The contents of the 1 box are basically filled, and the carton that has a large gap between the items and the cover cannot be used.
2 The carton with poor paper quality cannot be used.
3Please press and hold the head of the sealing machine to avoid lifting and affecting the sealing effect.
4The parts of the machine should be lubricated with lubricating oil.
5 nail specifications must comply with the standard to avoid affecting the quality of sealing

Performance characteristics of automatic sealing machine:
1, easy to change, easy maintenance;
2, horizontal sealing method, sealing and tidy beautiful one-way side movement;
3, the action is smooth and no noise, the width is changed by the automatic lifting design with pressure switch, so that the side pressure structure is open;
4, light and durable, simple operation, no noise;
5, side belt drive, suitable for narrower cartons;
6, the upper and lower skin drive, is very suitable for carton packaging.

Manual sealing machine features:
1. Lightweight and durable, easy to operate;
2, belt drive on both sides, upper and lower sealing, economic, fast and stable;
3, upper and lower belt drive, suitable for higher cartons.
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