The difference between sealing and shrinking machine and shrinking machine

- Apr 11, 2019-

Some time ago, many people asked what is the difference between the sealing and shrinking machine and the shrinking machine. What is the difference in the shrinking effect? What is the price of the two? In order to understand the customer, today Xiaobian will tell you about it: sealing and shrinking machine and shrinking The difference between the machines.

Let's talk about the types of shrinking machines and sealing and cutting machines. Our Meg sealing and cutting machines have L-type semi-automatic shrinking machines and cuff-type sealing and cutting machines. Shrinking machines are generally heat shrinkable film packaging machines. There are many types of subdivisions.

In fact, the sealing and shrinking machine is also called the film sealing and shrinking machine. It is composed of two parts: the sealing and cutting machine and the shrinking machine. As the name implies, the film sealing and shrinking machine has two functions. One is the sealing and cutting, one is shrinking, The film sealing and cutting machine is a mechanical film for the article, and then there is a cutter at the back of the film machine for sealing and cutting. The cutting knife has temperature, sealing and non-mud film, and the sealing is neat and not cracked, and the product is sealed by a film. After that, enter the shrinking machine and pack the items.

The sealing and shrinking machine can be used separately. Many items only need to be sealed and not shrinked. If this is the case, you only need to buy a sealing and slitting machine. The back shrinking machine is the same as the ordinary shrinking machine, and is used to shrink the article after heating at a high temperature.

For example, cosmetics, cell phone boxes and other items, such as the need for film sealing and cutting, but also need to shrink the packaging machine of such items, you can choose to seal the film shrinking machine, of course, you can also choose the shrinking machine, but only choose the shrinking machine, you need Artificial mantle film is a waste of labor, but theoretically, it does not affect the shrinkage effect. If the output is large, it is recommended to choose a sealing and shrinking machine.