The packaging machinery industry tends to deepen and accelerate the transformation and upgrading of the industry chain

- Nov 11, 2018-

The packaging industry is growing into an important part of the national economy, and the development of packaging materials and packaging equipment is very rapid. Optimizing the structure of the industrial chain and moving towards deepening development will become the future trend of the industry.

Twenty years ago, the first application of PLC in packaging machinery products opened the era of packaging machinery automation technology. Later, with the intervention of control and drive technology, servo technology and digital concept, the packaging machinery market has undergone several rounds of changes. At present, China has become the world's largest producer and exporter of goods. At the same time, the global focus is also on the fastest growing, largest and most promising Chinese packaging market.
 The development of the packaging industry in the future is not limited to the development and application of the packaging materials themselves, but also in the intensive processing. At present, China's packaging industry is still in the downstream of the entire packaging industry chain, and there are many low-level packaging processes. In the future, the sustainable development of the packaging industry needs to fundamentally adjust the industrial structure. At present, in addition to steel belt balers, pneumatic balers and some small automatic balers, semi-automatic balers have certain scale and advantages, other packaging machinery is almost non-systematic and scale, especially some package production lines with large demand on the market. In the world packaging market, it is monopolized by several major packaging machinery companies (groups).
At present, China's packaging machinery industry has not been able to digest, absorb and create when it introduces international high-end equipment. A student learns and never creates, then he will stay in imitation and plagiarism forever, as is the development of the packaging industry. The author believes that in the market tracking analysis, packaging machinery enterprises, while improving the competitiveness of independent products, strengthening innovation capabilities to meet the rapidly growing market demand and increasingly diversified customer requirements, accelerate the process of enterprise transformation and upgrading, thus grasping the market first Machine, fight for market initiative.