Vacuum packaging machine common faults and troubleshooting

- Jan 14, 2019-

Vacuum packaging machine is the most common packaging equipment for many food companies. In order to prevent the problem of packaging output caused by machine problems, we need operators to find out the vacuum machine faults and troubleshoot them in time. The most common problem during use.
First, the whole machine does not work:
a. The voltage is too low and the fuse is blown;
b. Trip switch misalignment;
c. The pump or motor is stuck;
d. The vacuum delay plug is loose or damaged;
Remedy: Use a voltage regulator, replace the fuse and adjust the position of the travel switch to find out the cause of the fault, insert the delay or replace it.
Second, the vacuum can not be pumped up:
a. The vacuum pump is reversed.
b. The vacuum solenoid valve does not work.
c. Is the vacuum pump oil sufficient or needs to be replaced?
Remedy: Correct the control circuit of any two check valves in the phase line of the motor, repair or replace the solenoid valve.
Third, the sealing quality is not good:
a. The sealing voltage selection switch is not open or damaged;
b. Seal voltage fluctuation or improper voltage selection;
c. Poor contact at the line connection;
d. The sealing time is too long or too short;
e. The sealing airbag is leaking or damaged;
f. Whether the sealing solenoid valve works normally;
g. Whether the silicone strip and the high temperature cloth are flat;
Remedy: Turn the selector switch to the appropriate position or repair the switch to eliminate the voltage fluctuation factor, select the appropriate sealing voltage for repair, tighten the adjustment seal time, repair or replace the airbag repair or replace the solenoid valve to repair or replace the silicone strip or high temperature cloth.
Fourth, the vacuum cover can not be opened
s. The delay plugin is damaged or moved;
b. The deflation solenoid valve does not work;
Remedy: Replace the plug-in or delayer to check the control circuit, repair or replace the solenoid valve
After the vacuum is completed, the next procedure is not transferred:
The delay is damaged or the next program delay is loose or damaged.
Remedy: Repair or replace the delay
After the seal is completed, the next procedure will not be transferred:
The seal delay is damaged or the next program delay is loose or damaged.
Remedy: Repair or replace the delay
After the cooling is completed, the vacuum chamber cannot be opened:
The cooling delay is damaged or the solenoid valve is not working
Remedy: Repair or replace the delay and solenoid valve.
1. Low vacuum: the pump oil is polluted, too little or too thin, clean the vacuum pump, and replace the new vacuum pump oil.
2. The pumping time is too short: extend the pumping time.
3. The suction filter is clogged: clean or replace the exhaust filter. There is a leak: after pumping down, turn off the power, check the solenoid valve, pipe joint, vacuum pump suction valve and the seal around the working chamber for leaks. High noise: The vacuum pump coupling is worn or broken and replaced. The exhaust filter is clogged or the mounting position is incorrect: Clean or replace the exhaust filter and install it properly. There is a leak: Check the solenoid valve for leaks and remove it.
4. Vacuum pump injection: The O-ring of the suction valve is detached, the vacuum tube on the pump nozzle is removed, the suction nozzle is removed, the compression spring and the suction valve are taken out, and the O-ring is gently stretched several times to re-embed it. Inside the groove, you can install it.
5. Rotary vane wear: Replace the rotary vane. Vacuum pump leakage: The return valve is blocked, the oil return valve is removed, and cleaning (see instructions). Loose oil window: After draining oil, remove the oil window and wrap the raw material tape or thin plastic.
6. Vacuum pump soot: The suction filter is clogged or contaminated, and the exhaust filter is cleaned or replaced. Pump oil contamination: Replace with new oil. Blocking the return valve: Clean the return valve (see instructions). No heating: The heating strip is blown and the heating strip is replaced. The heating time relay burns out (the two lights are on at the same time, the OMRON light is yellow): Replace the time relay. The heater wire is blown: replace the heater wire and install it securely.
7. Control heating temperature band switch poor contact: repair or replace. The AC contactor that controls heating is not reset: repair (blowing foreign matter with airflow) or replace. The heating transformer is broken: replace it. Heating does not stop: the heating time relay is poorly contacted or burned out, and the adjustment time relay is in contact with or replaced with the socket. Control heating AC contactor does not reset: repair or replace.
8. The sealing is not flat, not tight or not sealed: the steel box is deformed, the heating time of the steel box is adjusted and the heating temperature is not adjusted, and the adjustment is suitable. Attachment on the heating cloth: Gently scrape off the attachment with your fingernails.
9. The pressure solenoid valve does not work: clean or replace the solenoid valve. Airbag breakage: Replace the airbag. Damaged pressurized air tube: repair or replacement. No deflation: The cooling time relay is broken (in the electrical box) to replace the time relay. The bleed valve line is open: find and connect. The bleed valve is stuck or burnt: Remove or clean or replace. While heating, do not heat: short-circuit the package bead without heating and short-circuit with the heating device (generally short-circuit with the brazing sheet) to adjust the position of the brazing sheet, or to rest the bag of the bag. The pump does not pump vacuum: the studio is not covered and the studio is tightly closed.
10. Motor reversal: (Be careful not to change the ground wire, the color line is the ground wire) The fuse is broken (the indicator light is on): Replace the same specification insurance. Closing does not work: no power, check for power.
11. The stroke switch does not move: adjust the stroke switch paddle. Frequent burn insurance: There is a short circuit, find and eliminate. Motor reversal time is too long: any two-phase power line is installed and replaced (except ground wire).
12. Exhaust filter plugging: cleaning or replacement. The viscosity of the oil is too high: wash the pump and change the oil. There is a short circuit in the paddle of the fuse box: repair.
13. Running bag: The pressure valve is broken or blocked, and the pressure valve is replaced or cleaned. Poor airway ventilation: smooth out the pressurized airway. The inflation mouth is too large: reduce the inflation mouth. Seal wrinkle: The inflator is not fixed and the inflator is fixed.
14. The external air source pressure is large: the external air source pressure indication is ≤0.2MPa. Insufficient inflation: The inflation line is compressed and the inflation line is adjusted. Inflation time is too short: extend the inflation time (at least 15 seconds).