Vacuum packaging machine workflow

- Jan 18, 2019-

Vacuum packaging machine is one of the most common packaging machinery equipment at present. Consumers who don't know much about the workflow of vacuum packaging machine may be a bit confused. The specific workflow is divided into the following four processes.
1. Vacuum

Vacuum work is the first and very important step in the process. We need to prepare the bags that need to be evacuated in advance, and arrange them. At the same time, close the vacuum cover and start vacuuming now. While vacuuming the bag, the vacuum gauge pointer also rises until the rated vacuum is reached and the vacuum pump stops working. During the vacuum operation, the solenoid valve IDT also works, heat-sealing the chamber vacuum, and the hot-press frame remains in place.

2, heat seal

The solenoid valve is disconnected, and the external atmosphere can enter the heat-sealed air chamber through the upper air inlet hole, so that the pressure difference between the vacuum chamber and the heat-sealed gas chamber becomes larger, and the heat-sealed air chamber expands and expands, causing the hot-pressing frame to be heated. Move down and press the bag mouth; at this time, the heat-sealing transformer can work and seal at the same time; at the same time, the time relay works, after a few seconds, the heat seal ends.

3, back to gas

The two-position two-way solenoid valve 2DT is open, the atmosphere enters the vacuum chamber, the vacuum gauge pointer returns to zero, the hot press frame is reset by the return spring, and the vacuum chamber is opened.

4, the cycle

The vacuum chamber is moved to another vacuum chamber, that is, the next working process is entered, and the left and right chambers are alternately operated, and the cycle is repeated.