What are the advantages of shrinking machine?

- Oct 15, 2018-

Many of our customers don't know if they are suitable for this equipment when they are consulting the shrinking machine. Many of them are introduced by our professional sales staff. In fact, the advent of each shrinking machine was circulated after a long period of development and research. The main consideration here is whether it can really serve the customers, improve their production, save packaging and consumables, and achieve the effect of packaging products. This is a consideration for packaging equipment manufacturers like Aixun. The emergence of a shrinking machine is also the use of feedback in a certain market, to get a data to show whether it can benefit everyone in the packaging industry.

Shrinking machines mainly serve the industries of medicines, daily necessities, food and beverage, and household chemicals. The use of shrinking machines can greatly reduce the material and labor costs of using medium-box packaging, which has important economic significance. The shrinking machine maximizes production efficiency and reduces costs. The biggest advantage of brET heat shrinkable film packaging is that the requirements for external packaging in the pharmaceutical industry are relatively low. The brET shrink film replaces the carton and saves nearly $10 million. The company hopes that brET heat shrinkable film packaging equipment can achieve rapid production, improve efficiency, reduce equipment occupation of plant area, and ultimately achieve cost reduction. Improve the shelf display effect and promote sales. Take the beer company, the color film heat shrinkable film packaging enhances the product grade and promotes sales. Most of its gift box products are in the form of brET heat shrinkable film packaging. There are two main reasons for its use:

1. Diversify the packaging form and facilitate the promotion;

2, ET shrink film packaging has the flexibility to adapt to different specifications, especially small-sized product bundle packaging. Small-size bundle beer packaging is more flexible and easier to carry, so it is increasingly favored by consumers.

The shrinking machine develops technology with variable strain. Therefore, in the next few years, China's heat shrinkable film packaging machine enterprises can't relax. We must work hard to do our best to grasp the core contradictions of development, open up a broader market, and innovate. In order to drive, we will take the key breakthrough to drive the overall strategy, and get rid of the dependence on foreign countries in technology to realize the steady development of China's heat shrinkable film packaging machine industry.