What is a fully automatic packaging and sealing machine?

- Dec 21, 2018-

The automatic packing and packing and binding machine is an automatic machine that integrates sealing and packaging. The principle adopted is to lengthen the belt of the sealing machine and transport the articles to the table of the baler with the driving belt of the sealing machine. The whole set of equipment is controlled by the same PLC. This not only solves the needs of the customer's sealing and packaging operations, but also saves a lot of production costs for the customers. The fully automatic packaging and sealing machine can be said to be an economical and practical automatic packaging equipment.

The encapsulation machine is the upper and lower type automatic packing, which can be completed at one time. At the same time, the belts on both sides are lengthened, and it can be matched with the automatic baling machine to complete the packing and packing operation in one go. Regarding the number of bales, the spacing can be controlled by the micro switch on the sealing machine. There are auxiliary guide wheels on both sides of the packing and sealing machine, which can make the cover on the carton tightly fit, so that the sealing is smooth and beautiful. The advantages of the package and sealing machine are that, in addition to the standard specifications, the machine can be widened, heightened, and the width and height of the package can be manually adjusted to suit different specifications. . The package-sealing machine has a long service life and is suitable for use in a single-size carton at the same time. The machine's mechanical performance is very precise, and it is also very sturdy, smooth running and smooth to use.

Packing baler for carton packaging of different sizes

The sealing and packing machine has a wide application range and can be applied to the fields of mass production, such as painting, printing, photo albums, greeting cards, photo frames, electronics, cosmetics, medicine, and daily chemicals. The sealing baler is a packaging machine that integrates the automatic sealing function and the automatic packaging function.

The sealing and packing machine can be suitable for carton packaging of different sizes. It can be used with automatic packaging lines, and can automatically adjust the height and width of the carton according to the specifications of the carton. The operation is simple and convenient, and it is also very fast. The sealing and packing machine can realize unmanned sealing operation, can control the whole process with one button, and the speed is very fast, the operation is simple, and it is very easy to get started. The sealing machine can be packaged in multiple ways to realize unmanned automatic operation and high work efficiency, which is very suitable for the industry of mass production. Sealing baler has a great advantage that it can be suitable for different sizes of carton packaging, sealing and packaging can be carried out at the same time, small size, no place, economical, very convenient to use, bringing a lot of people Convenience.

This kind of sealing machine packaging equipment works accurately, and it has a long life and can be used for a long time. It is also very simple to maintain, as long as you pay more attention to the protection during use, do a little cleaning, do your best, but can maintain the sealing and packing machine very well.

The automatic baler has a malfunction, what should I do?

The decisive factor for the rapid development of enterprises in the 21st century is the development trend of automation. With the development of modern automation, automated baler equipment will have a large weight in the future development of enterprises. The fully automatic baler is one of the baler series, which enables the fully automated operation of the baler compared to the semi-automated baler. This type of machine is based on the original baler with a fully automated design, which is simpler to operate and more durable. It is an ideal packaging equipment.

The following small series share the knowledge of fault repair of automatic baler. Generally speaking, the common faults of baler are as follows:

1. The phenomenon of the cassette, the main performance is that the belt is stuck in the middle of the roller, unable to run, or there is a foreign object plugged and cannot be taken out, resulting in a cassette. At this time, a technician or an operator is required to disassemble the washer of the hex nut and loosen the middle. Connect the two M5 countersunk screws on the shaft. Since the two screws are fixed to the notched part of the connecting shaft, the screws must be turned up; remove the connecting shaft, pick up the upper machine, and remove the stuck object. Then you can restore the machine to its original state. Simple operation means you can do better.

2. After the strapping, the baler does not cut the belt. Generally, the original situation is mostly caused by the packing belt being too tight, and the operator needs to adjust the tightness.

3, the baler does not come out, this type of fault is still relatively common, the operator should check whether the "outlet belt length adjustment" is at the "0", and then see if the belt is correct; if not, see if the belt is near the belt Live foreign objects.

Warm reminder: In the daily work, when there is a failure of the baler, it should be repaired according to the relevant symptoms of the machine, and must not be handled without authorization. Otherwise, it may cause certain damage to the machine due to improper operation, resulting in irreparable consequences. As a packaging machine, packaging machine and other packaging equipment manufacturers in order to solve the problem for the benefit of customers and machinery and equipment, it is best to ask specialized personnel to deal with. In addition, the baler or other packaging machinery and equipment needs to be used reasonably. It is not possible to pack the items outside the load-bearing range of the packaging machine. Usually, the operator should pay more attention to the inspection and maintenance of the machine, so as to reduce the trouble and extend the baler. The service life can also play a role.