What is the difference between vacuum pumping and pumping?

- Jan 19, 2019-

Vacuum packaging machines are generally divided into external vacuum packaging and internal vacuum packaging machines. In terms of vacuum degree, the internal vacuum packaging machine is higher than the external vacuum packaging machine, and the external vacuum packaging machine generally does not. Suitable for food packaging, the specific differences can be understood as follows.
1. Differences:

A construction. The external vacuum packaging machine is placed in the packaging bag of the packaged object through the air suction nozzle to extract the air; the pumping method directly seals the vacuum indoor air into a vacuum and seals it.

Two packaged objects. The external vacuum packaging machine is mainly used for the packaging of anti-oxidation products such as electronic products; the internal vacuum packaging machine is mainly for packaging products with high vacuum requirements and cleanliness, such as food products.

Three applications. The external vacuum packaging machine does not require a very high degree of vacuum, but the packaged product is not only anti-collision, but also beautiful in appearance; the most important function of the internal vacuum packaging machine is to remove oxygen and prevent the growth and reproduction of microorganisms. , requires a high degree of vacuum.

Four gas sources. The external vacuum packaging machine needs to be connected to a gas source, and the internal pumping method only needs to bring its own vacuum pump to complete the packaging process.

2. The same thing:

A vacuum packaging system consists of. A complete vacuum system includes vacuum pumps, vacuum gauges and vacuum solenoid valves.

Two workflows. The main workflow of the vacuum packaging machine is vacuuming, heat sealing, returning air and circulation.

Summary: Choosing an external vacuum packaging machine or an internal vacuum packaging machine depends on the product to be packaged by the customer.

3. Different vacuum methods:

Internal pumping: discharges the indoor air to make the bag produce internal and external pressure difference, so as to achieve the purpose of compression packaging. The internal vacuum packaging machine is mostly used for food packaging, so it is also called food vacuum packaging machine.

External pumping: The air directly in the bag can be used to achieve low vacuum. (Minimum 3kpa) vacuum ensures the condition of the packaged items is neat.

4, the vacuum pump is different:

Internal pumping: only oil pump

External pumping: all types of oil pumps, oil-free pumps, air compressors, etc. can be used.

5, the efficiency is different:

Internal pumping: single efficiency standard: 2~3/min However, if the pressure chamber specification is larger than the package size, multiple packages can be packed at the same time.

External pumping: 5~6/min may vary depending on the package size and vacuum.

6, the limit of the length of the seal:

External pumping: sealing length is 800mm for standard equipment

Internal pumping: the length of the seal is 800mm, which needs to be customized, and the cost is high.