What is the vacuum sealer not pumping

- Dec 20, 2018-

Today, under the catalysis of life, we can see the fierce competition in the market. That's right, because the changes in life have accelerated the demand and consumption of products. Therefore, this is also the reason for increasing competition in the market. For this business opportunity, every company does not want to give up. Thus, this allows many companies to quickly enter the competition. There is a great demand for vacuum sealing machines on the market. Vacuum sealing machines are one of the sealing machines. They are also a kind of sealing machine that can help us keep food for a long time. The vacuum environment makes this sealing machine compare with other sealing machines. It has a bigger role in insurance.

For Spark, which has been producing vacuum sealing machines for a long time, in the long-term development process, there are feedback from customers on the use of equipment, and our company also improves the equipment's ability according to the feedback problem, and upgrades it. . Among the many problems, the vacuum sealer does not take the vacuum feedback, which is an important problem. The customer feedback, when the equipment is in use, will inexplicably appear without vacuuming, and I don’t know how to repair it. Today Xiaobian says Say, when the vacuum sealer does not pump vacuum, what are the problems, and how should we do it?

1. Long-term vacuum packaging, vacuum pump oil is not enough or oil quality is not good, resulting in poor vacuum, solution to replace vacuum pump oil, and do not long, endless operations
2. Pipeline leakage is very common. Even if there is no pipe leak, it is recommended to replace it after one year.
3. When there is a problem with the solenoid valve, do not solve it yourself. Ask a technician to help you.
4. The micro switch is not in place. There is a micro switch between the cover and the lower chamber. Check and adjust the position.
5, the venting valve can not be closed, resulting in leaking air leaks, check the venting valve for wear, whether there is debris stuck
6, the controller is broken, but the controller is a bit expensive, if the warranty period, it is recommended that the manufacturer repair
7, the vacuum pump out of the problem, let the technical staff to view, generally this is more difficult, can not solve it by itself
8. Whether the airbag is leaking or not, if it breaks, it must be replaced.
9. The distance between the heating chamber of the vacuum chamber and the two planes of the silica gel strip (the upper and lower heating row gaps are too small), causing the bag mouth to be pinched or partially squeezed during vacuuming, thereby degasing the air in the bag;

According to these points, the targeted inspection and correction can ensure the normal operation of the vacuum sealing machine and ensure the production efficiency.