What should customers pay attention to when ordering a large heat shrink packaging machine?

- Apr 21, 2019-

No matter what large equipment you order, you need to pay more attention to the problem than the small equipment. It is not only a transportation problem, but also every detail. If it is not suitable, the return shipping cost is not a small number. So what are the problems customers need to pay attention to when ordering a large heat shrink packaging machine? What do suppliers need to determine?
1. The supplier needs to determine the input and output mode of the customer: there are generally two kinds of input and output, one is the sealing film of the goods through the sealing and cutting machine, the other is the artificial cover film, and then enters the output end of the heat shrink packaging machine with more power. Roller line.
2. In addition, the heating power: the shrinking machine is classified according to the different functions. The working principle of the shrinking machine is to heat the tube to expand the film. Therefore, when designing the large shrinking machine, the thickness of the shrinking film and the size of the shrinking furnace should be And the working structure of the heat shrinking machine considers the distribution and power of the heating pipe.
3, the choice of power cord: here mainly refers to the fineness of the power cord, but also according to the power, to choose the appropriate power cord Generally speaking, the power cord of the large shrinking machine is at least 10 flat.
4, the weight of the conveyor line; large shrinkage machine packaging goods are heavy goods, you need to choose the appropriate delivery method according to the weight of the goods, Qingdao Meg's existing transportation methods include: chain roller conveyor, chain conveyor, mesh belt Delivery, etc.