What should I do if the shrink wrap machine trips?

- Mar 29, 2019-

If the customer is not operating properly during use, the shrink wrap machine may trip during use. So under what circumstances will the shrink wrap machine trip? In general, the following situations may occur:

The first type: the power supply voltage does not match 220V, 380V, that is, the equipment requires 220V, you pick up 380V or ask 380V, you pick up 220V, look at the equipment brand name and manual, you can know the voltage required by the equipment.

The second type: If it is 380V, it is possible that the fire line and the zero line are wrong, it is possible that the fire line is connected to the zero line, or the fire line is connected to the ground line.

The third type: If the power supply trip of the receiving reducer is that the power of the device is greater than the power of the power supply, the power supply trips.

The fourth type: If the front line of the packaging machine trips, please change the air switch without leakage protection. The internal control transformer of the packaging machine takes power from the first line of the three-phase power, causing the line to drift, causing leakage detection to detect leakage leakage.

The above situations are often encountered during production or use. If you encounter a trip when using a shrink film packaging machine, you can refer to the above several situations to solve. I hope to be helpful to our customers. If they still can't solve it, please contact the company after sales to solve the problem as soon as possible.