What should you pay attention to in daily use of heat shrinkable machine

- Mar 27, 2019-

Mastering some common sense of heat shrinking machine is very necessary for a qualified operator. Maybe you can solve some small problems, help companies save unnecessary expenses and let them know more about heat shrinking machine structure. If there is a failure, do not rush to find the after-sales service of the manufacturer, you can solve the problem in the shortest time, so as not to bring losses to the packaging company.

Heat shrink machine daily use attention point

1. When using the shrink film packaging machine, be sure to choose a well-ventilated place, which is good for heat dissipation and prevents overheating of electrical components.

2. When the package passes through the studio, try to put it in the middle to avoid damaging the heating tube.

3. The equipment must be inspected before use, to ensure that it can be driven without any mistakes. If it is used for more than three months, the aging of the wires in the shrinking room must be checked. If there is any problem, please replace it in time.

4, the heat shrink packaging machine power supply is generally 380V, three-phase four-wire, four-pin plug, power line cross-section is greater than 6mm2. The neutral line must be connected to the machine, otherwise it will not work.

5. If the device is powered by 220V power supply, three-pin plug, the cross section of the power cable should be greater than 4mm2, and the chassis must be grounded reliably to be packaged for safe boot operation.