Domestic Box-opening Machine Packaging Machinery Enterprises Want New Development

- Dec 14, 2018-

After the production of packaging machinery and equipment, the industry will carry out standard tests on the production products, and will also test the safety, sanitation and energy saving of the packaging machinery.

In terms of industries in the producing countries, although the industry started relatively late, its packaging equipment has undergone a research process of introduction, digestion and development, which has been improved while absorbing foreign strengths. The packaging machinery manufacturing factory in the industry is mainly small and medium-sized enterprises. It mainly focuses on two core technologies. One is to apply computer technology to the field of box-opening machine packaging, and the other is to develop advanced packaging machinery.

Compared with the United States and the industry, the domestic packaging machinery is mainly reflected in the technical aspects of the gap between the control technology and the reliability of the product. The domestic packaging machinery technology is slow to update, and the promotion of new technologies, new materials and new processes is narrow. Judging from the overall development level of the domestic packaging machinery industry, the gap with the developed countries is large. From the point of view of the packaging machinery products, the domestic box-opening machine packaging machinery lacks high-precision and large-scale packaging machinery products, low technical equipment, old equipment, low efficiency and poor precision. These disadvantages make domestic packaging machinery enterprises in international shopping malls. Lack of competitiveness.

From the experience of the industry in the rise of packaging machinery, the industry has adopted new technologies in other fields to create a new situation. The successful experience of foreign packaging machinery shows that if the investment used by enterprises for research and development accounts for 1% of sales, enterprises are difficult to survive, accounting for 2% can barely maintain, and 5% are competitive.

In order to have new developments, domestic unpacking machine packaging machinery enterprises must actively introduce talents, and at the same time increase production funds while producing marketable products. At present, the rapid development of domestic packaging machinery mainly depends on the huge domestic market demand. If domestic packaging machinery enterprises want more long-term development, they must base themselves on the current situation and solve the problem of backward technology and insufficient funds.