Heat Shrinkable Film Packaging Machine Uses Mechanical Forced Oil Lubrication

- Apr 22, 2019-

The manual lubrication method and the lubrication device used in the packaging machine. It is suitable for some scattered low speed light loads or unimportant places. In the case where lubrication is required to be large, mechanical forced oil lubrication is often used. The mechanical forced oil supply system has a large and continuous oil supply. The oil and oil pressure can be adjusted separately, and various oil supply modes can be realized. The utilization rate of the lubricating oil is high and the oil change time is long.
The system can achieve the following lubrication methods:
1. Rain-lubricated lubrication The finely-filtered lubricating oil is injected into the oil pan through a pressure-reducing valve and an adjustable throttle valve. The bottom of the oil is opened with many small holes. The oil is self-weighted to form oil "rain". Lubricate.
2. The lubricating oil after the oil-lubricated fine filtration is directly rushed to the lubrication point through the pressure reducing valve oil separator and the adjustable throttle valve, and its oil can be larger, and can also serve as a cooling function in addition to lubrication.
 3. Oil mist lubrication Lubricating oil with higher pressure forms oil mist through the nozzle, forming a good surface on the friction surface.
Oil film.
Lubricating oil can be recycled directly or through the return pipe to the tank after cooling, and the oil is wasted less, but the system is complicated.