How Does The Shrinking Machine Package The Product?

- Oct 15, 2018-

In fact, the shrinking machine is mainly a process of wrapping and sealing the packaged object by heat shrinkage by heat shrinking, and then heating the package to shrink the shrink film and wrap the surface of the package. It is an automated process. In general, for the packaging of such machines, the most common ones are the packaging of beverages and mineral water.

Generally, the shrink film used by our shrinking machine is different. This is mainly based on our shrinking materials and the products we package. The shrinking film used in general shrinking machines is: PVC\POF\PE. Machine-packaged products can make our products improve packaging quality, low cost, easy to package, and practical, so this packaging machine is popular with many people. We all know that general machines are divided into automation and semi-automatic. Automation does not require manual operation. Semi-automated operations require manual operation. The same is true for our machines. Our packaging machinery is also divided. For the difference between automation and semi-automation, the two essential differences are the difference between production cost and production efficiency, so it is definitely different in terms of price. Customers can also choose according to their actual situation when they choose. Packaging equipment. 

According to the size of the package, the packaging size of our machine and the model of the product are also different. Generally, our machines have 4020, 4035, 4525, 6530 and other models. What is the definition of this model? For example, the model of the 4020 model means that the height of the inlet is 20 cm and the width is 40 cm. As long as the products in this size are available, the machine can be packaged with this model. If it exceeds, the model should be larger. 

The machine is packaged, so the customer must choose the right model according to his or her own situation. Although it is said to be heat shrinkable packaging, but the packaging form is not the same, if you want mineral water, for example, the top and bottom are open, but for medicine or cosmetics is closed, so our machine is also According to the different products, our models are cuffed and closed. This is mainly the difference between our machines.