How To Choose A Good Shrinking Machine Manufacturer

- May 24, 2019-

Which is better for the shrink film machine? We know that the shrink packaging machine is a more advanced shrink packaging equipment. Because it is not very long in the country, there are not many people in contact. It is not very clear how the shrinking machine is shrink-wrapped. In fact, the mineral water on the market. The packaging of beverages such as beer is shrink-wrapped using this equipment.
The shrink film machine mainly uses the heat shrinkable film to wrap the product to be shrunk. After the shrink-wrapped product, not only looks neat and beautiful, but also makes people feel very good. Now many cosmetics are packaged by shrink film machine. Qingdao Meg is a strong manufacturer of shrinkwound machines. The packaging equipment produced by this company completely adopts advanced production technology, and PLC control can better complete the shrink packaging of products.
Shanghai Fumao has a long development path and has a very experienced team of experts, both for the development of shrink film machines, for the installation and commissioning of shrinking machine equipment and for after-sales maintenance. rich experience. For the parts used in the shrink packaging machine, it is also the introduction of brand technology, especially the electronic components of the shrinking machine, to ensure more durable, safer and more reliable. Since the parts used by Meg are standardized, they can be bought outside and can be replaced in time. We know that if the parts are worn out and cannot be replaced in time, the shrink wrap machine will not only affect their life, but also be very prone to failures.
Shanghai Fumao's shrinking machine is very diverse and meets the requirements of different customers to shrink different products. The shrinking method customers can also choose the one that suits their own products, so that the shrinking product works better. What are the specific shrinkage modes of the shrinking machine? Here is a brief introduction of Shanghai Fumao Xiaobian
First, the two ends are open: the shrink wrap machine uses a tubular film or a flat film to wrap the package in a sleeve and then heat shrinks. After the package is finished, there is a shrinkage at both ends of the package. mouth.
Followed by a four-sided seal: the product is wrapped around a flat film or a tubular film, and the joint is sealed with a lap joint. Used for product packaging that requires sealing.
The latter is open at one end: tray shrink packaging is a typical example. The film is first made into a square bottom bag, and then the big bag is placed on the stacked commodity tray from top to bottom, and then heat-shrinked.