Incomplete Gear Mechanism Of Heat Shrinkable Film Packaging Machine

- Apr 18, 2019-

The gear mechanism of the shrinking machine does not use different gears, and the corresponding functions are also different. The incomplete gear mechanism is also one of them. What is an incomplete gear mechanism?
The incomplete gear mechanism is an intermittent mechanism evolved from the ordinary gear mechanism, as shown in (a) and (b). The drive wheel of such a mechanism generally has only one tooth or a few teeth, and the number of teeth that are engaged with the drive wheel teeth are made on the driven wheel according to the requirements of the exercise time or the stop time. During the stop of the driven wheel, the two wheel rims each have a locking arc to prevent the driven wheel from swimming and positioning. In the incomplete gear mechanism shown in the figure, when the driving wheel is continuously rotated for one week, the driven wheel is rotated by 1/8 week and 1/4 cycle, respectively.
The incomplete gear mechanism produces a rigid impact every time it is started and stopped. Therefore, for the incomplete gear mechanism with higher rotation speed, the instantaneous line additional rod can be respectively installed on the end faces of the two wheels, so that the rotation speed of the driven wheel is gradually increased at the time of starting, and gradually decreases when stopping, thereby avoiding occurrence of Big impact.
The incomplete gear mechanism has a simple structure and is easy to manufacture, and the ratio of the movement time and the rest time of the driven wheel is not limited by the mechanism structure. Incomplete gear mechanism without the instantaneous attachment of the instantaneous line, the follower has a large impact at the beginning and end of the rotation, so it should only be used in low-speed and light-load applications.