Market Advantages Of Heat Shrink Packaging Machines In Various Industries

- Nov 08, 2018-

In recent years, with the strong demand for cost control and increasingly abundant packaging forms, heat shrink packaging machines have attracted more and more attention, and the usage has also increased significantly. To this end, equipment manufacturers at home and abroad are also rapidly developing and manufacturing a wide variety of shrink packaging machines to meet the needs of the market. In the beverage industry, the application of heat shrink packaging technology is particularly prominent.
A heat shrink packaging machine that can perform basic functions must include: inlet and dispensing sections, main drive section, film section, upper film section, heat shrink furnace section, and control section. In addition, if a tray is to be added under the package, the tray storage and conveying portion is also required. In addition, some of the other extensions may be included.
Market advantages of heat shrink packaging machines:
Beverage industry: 30% lower cost than carton packaging
At present, most of the canned drinks and a large part of plastic bottled beverages are in the form of heat shrinkable packaging. Heat shrinkable packaging is a very promising form of packaging. At present, foreign countries have completely replaced cardboard boxes with heat shrinkable packaging. Or a case of semi-tray carton, but because the current logistics environment in the domestic market can not be compared with the mature logistics management in the international market, there are still some obstacles to the development of thermal shrinkage technology in the domestic market to the international level. It is expected that in the future 3 - Within 5 years, with the development of heat shrink packaging technology and the continuous improvement of the pressure bearing capacity of heat shrinkable film, in a certain size of packaging, heat shrinkable packaging can completely replace the carton or heat shrinking half-tray box.
The relevant person in charge of Dingxin International Group, which used the form of heat shrink packaging machine earlier in China, calculated the bill: after replacing the carton with heat shrinking, the cost can be reduced by at least 30%. This is the most important reason why heat shrink technology attracts the beverage industry. Of course, the current heat shrink packaging is relatively inferior to the protective function of the carton during transportation. However, with the continuous development and innovation of the heat shrinkable material, the application of heat shrinking in the beverage industry is bright!
Beer industry: color film heat shrink packaging to enhance product quality and promote sales
1. Diversify the packaging form and facilitate the promotion; 2. The heat shrinkable packaging has the flexibility to adapt to different specifications, especially the small-sized product bundle packaging. Small-size bundle beer packaging is more flexible and easier to carry, so it is increasingly favored by consumers. As the demand for small-sized cluster beer packaging increases, heat shrink packaging will have more room for development.
Moreover, the current color heat shrinkable film has been highly valued by beer companies, and some beer companies have adopted this type of shrink film, which has improved product quality and promoted sales. The relevant person in charge of Hubei Jinlongquan Beer Group Co., Ltd. believes that color film heat shrink packaging will be the best choice for display. Under this demand, heat shrink packaging for color shrink film with film positioning system The machine will become one of the best development packaging equipment in the beer industry.
Beverage industry: shrinking equipment needs to be more flexible and personalized
As consumer spending habits change, the specifications of heat shrinkage have also changed a lot, from 2 bottles shrinking to 12 bottles and 24 bottles. Therefore, beverage companies need to be able to meet the shrinking equipment of different specifications, and if It is the most desirable for beverage companies to add handles to different sizes of heat shrinkable packaging to facilitate consumers to carry Flexible equipment and equipment that can provide individual packaging are the future development trend of heat shrink packaging technology.
Dairy industry: shrinkage equipment flexibility needs to be improved
Under the pressure of huge market competition, dairy companies are trying to use various means to improve the competitiveness and market share of products. Promotional means is a common one.