New Trends In International Packaging And Food Processing Machinery

- Nov 15, 2018-

At present, the countries with high levels of packaging and food machinery in the world are mainly the United States, Germany, Japan, Italy and the United Kingdom. German packaging machinery is in a leading position in design, manufacturing and technical performance. In 2002, the value of German packaging machinery reached 3.4 billion euros, and 77% of its output was exported. In recent years, the development of packaging and food machinery in these countries has shown a new trend.
Process automation is getting higher and higher.
At present, automation technology accounts for more than 50% of the packaging production line. Computer design and mechatronic control are used in large quantities to increase productivity, increase flexibility and flexibility of the equipment, and increase the complexity of the packaging operation of the robot (simulating manual packaging). Each robot is controlled by a separate computer. The camera monitors the packaging action and feeds the information back to the computer to adjust the range of motion to ensure high quality packaging. It has automatic recognition function for packaging material and thickness, and then controls the mechanical action after computer calculation. It is completely an "adaptive" system to ensure the system works under optimal conditions. Improve production efficiency, reduce process costs, and maximize production requirements.
Germany's beer beverage filling equipment has reached 120,000 bottles / hour, and cigarette packaging machines reached 12,000 / minute. In the event of a failure of a high-speed device, the loss is equally alarming, so high-speed equipment must have a fault analysis system (self-diagnostic system) and can eliminate the fault by itself, so that productivity can be improved.
Modular design becomes a trend
At present, the product replacement cycle is getting shorter and shorter, even a product with a season change, and the life of the packaging machine is far greater than the life cycle of the product. In order to adapt to product changes and improve competitiveness, packaging machinery must adapt to product changes. Considering the current packaging machinery structure adopts unit modularization, one machine can realize multiple packaging combinations, and design multiple inlets and different forms of packaging. Gradually become a trend.
The supply capacity is strong.
A beverage filling line with more than 200 microcomputers and more than 100 control software. The filling and capping parts are two sets of combinations, and the other parts are shared. A supplier can design, install, debug, and finally accept user acceptance. Packaging machinery design generally uses simulation design technology to store various machine units in the form of database into the computer. At the same time, the drawings are digitized and input into the computer, and the computer automatically synthesizes the three-dimensional model; then the actual production indicators and data are transmitted to Europe.