Operation Procedures And Matters Needing Attention Of Shrink Packaging Machine

- Oct 15, 2018-

1, close the left power switch.

2. Close the upper side heat switch and adjust the side heat knob to the 4-5 gear.

3. Close the upper and lower heat switches and adjust the lower heat knobs to 4-5 gears.

4, close the transfer switch, adjust the delivery knob to about 4-5 gears.

5, adjust the heating temperature (set at around 130 C).

6. After the above operation is completed, let the machine run for about 3 minutes and then close the hot air switch (the hot air switch can not be turned on in actual operation);

7, put the goods that have been packed with shrink film, then shrink packaging.

8. In practice, if there are too many wrinkles after shrinkage, the conveying speed can be reduced or the heating temperature can be increased. On the contrary, if excessive shrinkage occurs, the temperature can be reduced.

9. After the packing is finished, the three-stage heating switch is turned off, but the conveyor motor and the hot wind motor continue to run for about 10 minutes, and then the whole power supply is cut off.