Overall Layout Of The Packaging Machine Design

- Apr 12, 2019-

The reasonable arrangement of the relevant parts of the packaging machine in the relative space of the whole machine is called the overall layout.
The layout is mainly the layout actuator and some transmission systems, operating rooms, etc., and then determine the support method and draw the overall map. The steps are interrelated and interrelated, which requires the intersection of them as a whole, which is mainly done after repeated trials and trials.
First, the arrangement of the executing agency:

It mainly includes the feeding system that needs to package the items, as well as the finishing and feeding system of the packaging materials, the transmission system, the packaging actuator and the output mechanism of the finished product.
First, the respective execution members are arranged in a predetermined working position according to the packaging process road map. Then, the original moving parts of the executing mechanism are arranged. For the gas hydraulic transmission, the positions of the cylinders and the cylinders are mainly arranged; for the mechanical transmission, the positions of the motive members (ie, the mechanism input ends) such as the cams, the gears, and the cranks are arranged. There are two points to note about this:

In order to make the various organs simple and compact, the number of components of the mechanism should be minimized, and the basic size and space occupied should be minimized. The original moving parts should be as close as possible to the executing components;
In order to simplify the transmission system, facilitate commissioning and maintenance, and reduce the impact of transmission wear on transmission accuracy, it is required that the original components are placed as concentrated as possible on one or a few uranium.
In fact, the execution components are often scattered so that their originals are more difficult to concentrate. At this time, the similar actuators can be collectively placed into one large part. Thus, a packaging machine is equivalent to a number of large components.
 Second, the layout of the transmission system:

The mechanical transmission system is arranged, including the arrangement of the power machine, the shifting and speed regulating device, the transmission device, the steering and control device, and the auxiliary device.
 Arrange the gas hydraulic transmission system, including the arrangement of power machine, hydraulic motor, fritter, air compressor, oil and gas pipeline and gas hydraulic control box.
 The shrinking machine is also part of the packaging machine. The above also needs to be considered. It is necessary for the customer to understand the correct use of the heat shrink packaging machine.