Packaging Contributes To Food Safety

- Mar 17, 2019-

The rapid development of China's national economy, the people's living standards have been greatly improved, and the market economy, especially the generalization of various types of commodity supermarkets, has formed a sharp increase in the amount of packaging for various types of goods. Among them, the development and demand for flexible packaging, functional packaging materials and related high-tech equipment markets, especially for agricultural and sideline products, food, medicine and other major categories of products, will be more prominent.

Food safety is a global issue, and its impact is of course also related to China. For example, with the process of urbanization, society has prospered, which means that meat needs to be transported over long distances to consumers in cold storage conditions. Good packaging materials help keep meat fresh and extend its shelf life, thus reducing premature spoilage and waste.

The world food supply can be a complex problem, but it is not necessary to adopt a complicated approach. In order to meet the large demand for modern packaging products formed by the rapid development of China's economy in the future, we must first solve the supply of all kinds of modern packaging raw and auxiliary materials and their modern technology complete processing technology equipment, which will inevitably be formed in China. The supplier market of modern packaging raw and auxiliary materials and their complete sets of technical equipment with the same infinite potential coexisting in the demand side market. Due to the further development and opening up of the Chinese commodity market in the future, the large-scale packaging market will be accompanied by a large number of supply of modern packaging products, raw and auxiliary materials and various related high-tech equipment in the Chinese packaging market. , activities and related information exchange activities. China will also become the distribution center and modern packaging technology information exchange center for the high-tech complete sets of modern packaging products and packaging raw materials in the 21st century. Who will become the protagonist of China's packaging market depends on who is the most capable of occupying this market.

In order to meet the stringent requirements of plastic PVC (polyvinyl chloride), which ranks third in the world, the demand for non-migratory phthalate-free additives is increasing. It should be foreseen that the future Chinese packaging market is in fact a big contest for the power of modern packaging technology. China's packaging industry will face a serious challenge. The possession and preservation of this large market in China can be said to be the need of national interests and national interests. Therefore, we still need to work harder to accelerate our own construction.

At present, the most urgent and the most realistic and quickest way is to increase and accelerate the development of the scale and speed of China's modern packaging infrastructure industry while vigorously cultivating and making full use of scientific and technological talents. Make full use of China's existing resources and conditions, combined with the study of foreign experience, strive to change the introduction of a large number of raw and auxiliary materials and a large number of complete sets of processing equipment into self-supply and key technology introduction as soon as possible, and process the processing of China's modern packaging raw and auxiliary materials industry as soon as possible. The complete equipment industry is going up. Strive to make our country stand on its own in these areas in a relatively short period of time. This actually shows that China has the strength to occupy China's modern packaging market. Only with such level and strength can we, in the future, not only ensure our own development needs, but also have the resources to make more and greater contributions to support other developing countries.

It has become a common trend to develop multifunctional non-migratory environmentally friendly additives to enhance the performance of PVC products in high-end applications.