Plastic Film Features

- Oct 15, 2018-

As a kind of printing material, plastic film has a relatively short history. It is printed as a package. It has light and transparent, moisture-proof, anti-oxidation, air-tightness, toughness and folding resistance, smooth surface, can protect goods, and can reproduce goods. The shape, color and other advantages. What are its specific features? Look down together.

Features of plastic film of various materials:

Polyethylene plastic film is a colorless, odorless, odorless, translucent non-toxic insulating material, used in a large number of bags; food bags, can also be made into a variety of containers. It is an inert material, so it is more difficult to print and must be processed before it can print better results.

Polystyrene plastic film is a soft and tough film, clean, colorless and transparent. When it is free of plasticizer, the film is always soft, freeze-resistant, and stored without aging. It is made of oxidatively polymerized synthetic binder ink during printing. Make the print fastness better.

Nylon plastic film is stronger than polyethylene film, odorless, non-toxic, impervious to bacteria, oil, ester, boiling water and most solvents. It is generally used for load-bearing, wear-resistant packaging, and retort packaging. It does not require surface. It can be printed by processing.

Polyethylene has essentially no polar groups and is a non-polar imprinting. In polypropylene molecules, each structural unit contains a methyl group, which is a weakly polar group. They are also non-polar polymers, so they have poor affinity for inks, so they must be processed before printing to obtain a satisfactory print before printing.